Daniel Pearl: Moving Towards Passivhaus

Daniel Pearl of Montreal-based L’OEUF Architects delivers a presentation at the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto on Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 6:30pm. Pearl will present—side by side—two pivotal projects. The first is a private organic farm/secondary residence House in Four Fields, situated in La Conception, Quebec. The house revisits the regional building culture while benefiting from current technological advancements. A local palette of materials is interwoven with responsive programmed components. It is this dialectic—between low and high-tech, between the simple evocative form and the highly performative envelope—that breathes both a tension and a calm into the farmhouse. The second is a new social housing project, Bois Ellen (166 units made up of two wings—a six- and 13-storey-high concrete residence) in Laval, Quebec. Each decision in this building project was carefully considered with respect to one or more of the following four guiding criteria: energy efficiency, comfort, durability and resilience. Both projects are examples of appropriately applying Passivhaus theory to each scale and context.

Daniel Pearl, along with co-founding partner Mark Poddubiuk, started L’ŒUF (l’Office de l’Éclectisme Urbain et Fonctionnel) in 1992, where he concentrates his work on sustainable architecture, urban housing, residential and commercial renovation as well as in research, criticism and theory. For over 18 years L’ŒUF developed its reputation particularly in sustainable and environmental architecture. The partners’ expertise is known for the architectural quality of their projects, their technical and professional skills as well as their active involvement in the academic, professional and community context. This expertise is always founded on a search for balance between the appropriate technique, the economic feasibility, the architectural expression and the environmental impact of the project. L’ŒUF members, as architects, support the fact that they are stewards of a built environment that is dignified, human, pleasant, functional, sustainable and sensitive to the environment.

Admission to the presentation is free; snacks and refreshments to follow. The Daniels Faculty is located at 230 College Street in Toronto.