Daniel Libeskind to design the proposed redevelopment of Toronto’s Hummingbird Centre for the Performing Arts

CEO of the Hummingbird Centre Daniel Brambilla announced that world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind has agreed to design the proposed new redevelopment of the Hummingbird Centre. The engagement will include a new cultural facility to be combined with the existing theatre as well as a residential point tower to be built by Castlepoint Realty Partners Limited.

Libeskind, who is best known as the master architect of New York’s World Trade Center redevelopment and architect of Toronto’s new Royal Ontario Museum expansion said: "This is a very exciting project combining the vibrant culture of Toronto, residential living and urban design. We are thrilled to contribute architecturally to the Hummingbird redevelopment."

In making the announcement, Brambilla said: "I can’t think of any other architect who has the sensitivity needed to architecturally translate the celebration of our many cultures into an exciting new architectural form."

Authority to proceed with the redevelopment is subject to City Council approval. City Council is expected to review the Hummingbird’s Business Plan and proposed development plans with Castlepoint in its April meetings.