Dalhousie’s “Ghost 6” Research Project Underway

The Latest "Ghost" research project, Ghost 6 will take place from Saturday, July 3 to Monday, July 19. The Ghost project is directed by Brian MacKay-Lyons, architect and professor at Dalhousie University’s School of Architecture. This two-week summer design/build program offers internships for students, faculty and practitioners, and takes place on the ruins of a nearly 400-year-old village at the MacKay-Lyons farm on the Nova Scotia coast.This year’s project will be to design and construct two "lanterns" rising from the foundation ruins of two brothers’ houses, with a one-week design phase and a one-week building phase. Field trips will focus on local material culture and the work of Brian MacKay-Lyons. The wood Ghost structures will build on the research experience of MacKay-Lyons’ practice, as well as the framing and shipbuilding traditions of the area. The lab will highlight Dalhousie’s approach to broad collaboration and international interest in its unique programs. "Ideally a faculty’s sustained, curiosity-driven research can help to raise Dalhousie’s international profile through collaboration with a wide range of prominent universities and professionals abroad, which is based on our unique regional culture," says MacKay-Lyons as he prepares for Ghost 6.The Ghost structures will be the venue for a community gathering on the site on Sunday, July 18, featuring local musicians who will interpret the cultural history of the site.Ghost is documented on an ongoing basis with a souvenir publication. Each project contributes to the discourse with affiliated schools, and will form a chapter in a cumulative publication, 10 Ghosts.For more information on Ghost 6, or to see international recognition of the project from design press please visit: www.dal.ca/~arch/architecture/visitors/ghost.shtml