d.talks returns on January 22 with “Let’s Talk About… Movement”

Calgary’s Design Talks Institute (d.talks) is dedicated to advancing education by conducting research regarding architecture and design within the urban environment, and disseminating the results of that research to the public through exhibitions, discussions and open forums. We produce and install exhibitions, and hold workshops, seminars, and conferences for the public regarding architecture, art, and design. The next event — themed “Let’s Talk About… Movement” — will take place on January 22:Let's Talk About... Movement d.talks

Sometimes when we talk about movement we get caught up in speed, crossings, and timetables. These are important, but if we zoom out, what is design’s responsibility to help people move in their city? How can we ensure that everyone is included?

Join a double-feature panel discussion with a diverse array of voices on architecture, urban design and inclusion. The opportunity to hear such voices in the same room is a rare d.talks moment that we’re proud of.

Speakers include:

  • Giovanna Borasi, Chief Curator of the Canadian Centre for Architecture, whose research focus includes alternative ways of practicing and evaluating architecture, and how environmental, political and social issues influence today’s urbanism and built environment.
  • Amanda Kolson Hurley, architecture and urban issues author and Senior Editor at CityLab, the city-focused publication of The Atlantic. Her forthcoming book, titled Radical Suburbs, will be released in 2019.
  • Don Mulligan was Director of Transportation Planning at The City of Calgary for nine years and is passionate about sustainable urban transportation.
  • Nabeel Ramji hails from Bricolage Calgary, an organization advocating for accessible design and inclusion for all citizens in Calgary, and regularly consults as an Accessibility Infrastructure Specialist on barrier free design.
  • Brigitte Shim along with her partner, A. Howard Stucliffe, are both principals in the design firm Shim-Sutcliffe Architects, a firm receiving fourteen Governor General’s Medals and Awards for Architecture. She is a Professor at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto.
  • Cowboy Smithx is an award-winning filmmaker of Blackfoot Ancestry who produces the REDx talks and the Noirfoot Narrative Labs and is the Artistic Director of Iiniistsi Treaty Arts Society.
  • Marianna Vaidman Stone is the Deputy Director of Gehl Institute, focused on improving life between buildings. She’s worked on policy that re-enacted a zoning framework for public projects in New York as well as a legislative agenda for buildings to be more climate resilient.


More information about the January 22 “Let’s Talk About… Movement” discussion is available via the d.talks website, linked here.