D’Arcy Jones wins first Arthur Erickson Memorial Award

D’Arcy Jones was awarded the first Arthur Erickson Memorial Award by Western Living Magazine in conjunction with the Arthur Erickson Foundation for Excellence in Architecture. This new recognition celebrates an emerging designer, in honour of the man who mentored and inspired so many young designers and architects in his long history as a practicing architect.


The judges for Western Living‘s 2010 Designer of the Year Architecture Award and Arthur Erickson Memorial Award were Bruce Haden (Vancouver), Jeremey Sturgess (Calgary), Neil Minuk (Winnipeg), Randall Stout (Los Angeles) and Douglas Coupland (Honourary Chair).


An excerpt from the September 2010 issue of Western Living reads:


“From a one-room studio on Vancouver¹s East Side, 38-year-old D’Arcy Jones has been quietly delivering a set of boldly innovative new home designs. His critical process, his ingenuity and the daring evolution of his ideas about a dwelling’s relationship with the landscape made him a natural choice for the inaugural Arthur Erickson Memorial Award.


The judges, along with members of Erickson¹s family, were unanimous in their selection of D’Arcy Jones;s four-person firm. ‘He injects fresh life into western house design, overcoming clichés with a strong vision,’ says judge Bruce Haden. ‘He has a brilliant approach that recalls a pioneer attitude,’ says fellow judge Jeremy Sturgess. ‘The projects are singularly appropriate to their sites without becoming nostalgic or pretentious.’”