CVDB Arquitectos win one of two 2013 WAN Awards in the education sector

CVDB Arquitectos’ Braancamp Freire Secondary School in Lisbon, Portugal was named the completed project winner in the 2013 WAN Award in the education sector.

The design proposes the restructuring of a series of existing pavilions around the school into one uniform unit. At €798 per square metre, it is an astonishingly low-budget construction for such a high-quality finish. Richard Hyams was particularly impressed with the skill of CVDB when it came to blending the existing structures harmoniously into the bold new design, pointing out that “creating an exquisite whole, without any compromise is extremely tricky.”

Javier Quintana complimented the aesthetic qualities produced by CDVB as an “artisanal approach to design,” continuing that “they are combining art and architecture in this design. They have dealt very successfully with the rearrangement of pre-existing buildings.” Stefan Jakobek summarized the victorious design as a “simple, robust, well-executed project built with an incredibly low budget.” Furthermore, Peter Barrett stated that “the colour is a clever touch; it changes the light throughout the day, which is delightful.”

The project was completed in 2012 and has been recently published in international websites and magazines.

The architecture practice CVDB Arquitectos was founded by Cristina Veríssimo and Diogo Burnay in 1999, and the studio projects have been developed since 2009 in association with Tiago Filipe Santos. The studio work ranges from urban design projects to new buildings, from rehabilitation of old buildings to interior architecture or ephemeral structures. Diogo Burnay has been the Director of Dalhousie School of Architecture in Halifax since January 2012.

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