Custom Mosaics by Trend USA

Custom mosaics are now available at Trend USA. Utilizing more than 300 colours of recycled glass mosaic tile, Samara Gould, Trend’s Artistic Design Consultant, works with designers and architects to translate any design imaginable into a mosaic tile surface.


Using proprietary CAD software Gould is able to create precise interpretations of any painting, photograph, pattern or text. Mosaics are determined by color, scale and installation specifications. From a kitchen back-splash to a hotel façade, the pointillist properties of mosaic glass tile enable distinct replication of virtually any image.


According to Gould, “My favorite part about working with glass tile is the ability to create anything conceivable for any type of installation, indoors or out. This centuries old art form is still as visually stimulating in modern day, as it was back then.”  She uses three techniques to achieve the desired results. CAD software allows full size tiles (3/4″, 3/8″ or 5/8″) to be arranged so that an entire pixellated pattern replicates the original art source. The design is calibrated for the scale and proportion of the installation.  A more classical concept is tessellatum tesserae which is the ancient Italian technique of cutting each tile by hand to achieve a desired shape. This allows for soft curved contours of both tile and grout. The final option is a combination of the two techniques, using different-sized tiles both whole and hand-trimmed.


Trend USA also has devised 10 shading blends, using harmonious shades in both 3/4″ and 5/8″ tile. Changing the percentage of the colours controls the shading effect. All shading blends can be customized with either different colours or different percentages.


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