Cushing Terrell Architecture Inc. enters Canadian market

US firm CTA Architects Engineers is excited to announce their official entry into the Canadian market operating as Cushing Terrell Architecture Inc. Cushing Terrell has a storied 75-year history with 17 offices across the US, and now in Canada in Metro Vancouver and Regina, offering expertise in six vertical markets: commercial, education, government, health care, living and retail.

 CTA’s President Scott Wilson says, “CTA has enjoyed partnering opportunities in the past that have brought us into Canada for specific projects with groups like Whole Foods, Dell Computers and Target. Through these opportunities, we have found Canada to be a great cultural and business fit for CTA. Therefore, expansion into Canada represents a logical and seamless extension of our vast services and we are excited to finally become a member of the Canadian community.”

Cushing Terrell is represented by architects, engineers and planners and works collaboratively with private developers, municipalities as well as other architectural firms. The firm also has niche expertise in areas including but not limited to market analysis for retail, office, hospitality and industrial sectors, which play a key foundation for planning and architectural design. With more than 20 specialty services, Cushing Terrell has the comprehensive resources it takes to guide a project from conception to utilization while also collaborating with our peers in the industry.

Canada represents a natural progression for the company’s client-centric focus. With humble roots and its head office in Billings, Montana, Cushing Terrell is excited to bring its legacy of pioneering environmentsTM to Canada.

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