Create your own garage door

The garage door is one of the most important elements to the front of a home. It is essential that customers are satisfied with the esthetics and endurance of their purchase. Accordingly, Garaga created a new Design Centre on its Web site for its residential garage doors which will assist the consumer in visualizing how their future door will look using the various models, designs and colours offered by Garaga. There is a summary table showing the features and characteristics of the products, and a Photo Album showing pictures of completed projects which will further help customers select the best door for their home. The visitor to Garaga’s Design Centre will be able to print a draft of the door they select and take it to a Garaga distributor to get an estimate for their project.

In this category, the new Garaga Web site is the most complete when compared with similar sites. To create your own garage door go to

Site available in: English, French, Spanish