Registration open for 2016 Copenhagen ArchitecTOUR

Photo courtesy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
Photo courtesy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Denmark is one of the world’s frontrunners for ground-breaking architecture and sustainable city growth – the nation continues to leave significant marks on innovative technologies globally and push the envelope for more liveable, sustainable and smarter cities that are not only green but also encompass notions of social cohesion, equity, sense of community and quality of life.

Danish Architecture has seen widespread international success, which makes experiences in the Danish market very interesting to study. Focusing on Denmark’s regulatory policy, industry challenges and opportunities as well as architectural visions for growing cities, valuable lessons can be brought back to Canada.

The Royal Danish Consulate General and Architecture Canada have together with Werksted and the Danish Association of Architectural Firms tailored yet another interesting programme. This year’s trip to see Copenhagen’s architectural pearls will once again feature a unique all-inclusive experience with dining at the many new Nordic restaurants, city centre accommodation at a boutique, design hotel and a bombardment of impressions.

Meet the architects and planners behind the blooming architectural scene of Copenhagen and explore the city and bike culture first hand. Find out about the ambitions and visions from the architects; learn about the sustainable and growing city of Copenhagen.

Highlights of this year’s tour include:

Two boat tours by the Chief of Planning and Architecture. The tours will focus on the North Harbour and South Harbour of Copenhagen. See the world class harbour front developments at “Nordhavn” that presents very interesting projects, like The Silo, UN City, Marmormolen, and the Portland Towers. Nordhavn is constantly under development and on the tour participants will learn how that affects the working environment and not least, the existing buildings.

When touring the South Harbour, “Sydhavn”, the participants will be introduced to the vision of green growth as well as key projects arising from this vision. Projects include the South Harbour School, “Sluseholmen,” “Teglholmen” and Byggefelt G.

At the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces, participants will learn more about the framework for Danish Architecture. The Danish architectural policies will be presented and discussed to provide participants with an understanding of how decisions are made and how collaborations happen within Danish architecture. Participants will also get the chance to hear from the Chief City Planner for Copenhagen, who will present the vision for Copenhagen and its future development.

Visit Carlsberg Byen (The Carlsberg City), which was awarded “Best Master Plan” at the World Architecture Festival in 2009. Carlsberg closed their brewery in Copenhagen in 2006, which meant that a large centrally located piece of land was available for new developments. In collaboration with others, Carlsberg have decided to develop the historical brewery into a new neighbourhood or “mini city” in Copenhagen. The participants will hear about the plans for the area and what happens when the opportunity to develop a new city from scratch arises.

Participants will also visit the Copenhagen Plant Science Center, designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg for Copenhagen University. The Center plays a big role in the university’s wish to give plant biology and plant biotechnology top priority. The design of the building takes its departure in this wish, so for instance much of the design is inspired by the organic shapes of plant cells.

CEBRA is currently working on expanding and refurbishing the Experimentarium and the participants get to experience this unique building first-hand. The Experimentarium is Denmark’s largest science museum and encouraging interest in science and technology has been key in the vision for the building.

Many other activities are planned. Days will be filled with exciting visits and enriching presentations of state of the art Danish buildings and urban redevelopments. The participants will meet skilled Danish architects, city planners and developers and have a chance to hear from them first hand, what it is like to work in a country that has a strong focus on sustainability, innovation, and giving people a sense of community and a high quality of life.

Dates: September 24th to 30th, 2016
Price: C$5,000 all inclusive – flights, hotels, all meals, guided tours, etc. (max 20 participants)
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