Constructions: Contemporary Norwegian Arts & Crafts at the Design Exchange

A new Norwegian contemporary Arts and Crafts exhibition entitled Constructions will open to the public on November 20, 2010 at the Design Exchange (DX) in Toronto. The exhibition, featuring 16 individual works will showcase objects that explore the use of “construction” in connection with textile techniques such as weaving, knitting, crochet, embroidery, appliqué and other forms of needlework. Arts and crafts displayed will describe the methods for both building three-dimensional forms and creating patterns in surfaces while identifying idea and form, content and expression.

Works included will highlight key Norwegian artists such as Marit Helen Akslen, whose Hvit Kjole (white dress) comments on the misuse of power through the reconstruction of a man’s white shirt. Aslaug Juliussen’s HornKjede (AntlerChain) combines three chains of patinated reindeer antler, which are linked together to draw attention to man’s relationship to nature.

All items chosen for the Construction exhibit accentuate a particular intrinsic quality, where it is not possible to separate the technique used from the underlying idea or meaning. The exhibition features a variety of works ranging from formal to conceptual expressions, some with strong traditional roots and others that are more experimental, but all with a basis in the traditions of art and craft.

Exhibition curator Edith Lundebrekke displayed the items to demonstrate “a direct link between construction and surface. The construction builds the surface, and the pattern is a logical consequence of the construction.”

This exhibition is presented by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts.

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