Connect Student Design Competition

The challenge is to create a living space, using the provided plan of a typical unfinished basement. The space may be designed to contain any combination of a small washroom, laundry facilities, a home theatre system, a small home office area, and a convertible area to accommodate overnight guests. Projects should utilize the Roxul products ComfortBatt and/or Safe’n’Sound, maximizing comfort and safety for the end user. Submitted projects should detail where, why, and how the Roxul products have been incorporated.


The submission should contain an overall sense of the renovation of the space, through floor plans, elevations, and details. A written description (of no more that 500 words) must accompany the submission, detailing how the project meets the design criteria and the development process.


We are looking for innovative design ideas surrounding renovation projects that can inspire consumers. Keeping in mind the Roxul slogan: ‘All projects start with ROXUL’, simply add innovation and creativity to come up with a winning design.


The design objectives of the competition are:


• Design – should be aesthetically superior and interesting

• Flexibility – the design should consider flexible use of space for growing families with changing needs

• Universal Design – the design should consider Universal Design principles

• Efficiency – the design should make use of the space in the most efficient way possible

• Product Use – the project should incorporate Roxul ComfortBatt and/or Safe’n’Sound, maximizing comfort and safety for the end user


A panel of experts, including judges from the Design Exchange, representatives of Roxul Inc., and two representatives from the professional architecture and interior design community, will review valid entries sent to the Design Exchange by Friday, March 26, 2010.


The jurors will select the best design concept(s) based on the following key criteria:


• incorporation of thermal insulation, maximizing comfort and safety

• introduction of “quiet walls” maximizing comfort and safety

• layout efficiencies, maximizing living space

• innovative, flexible design

• use of green products/materials

• plan details – full listing of required materials

• overall design aesthetic

• adherence to universal design principles


The jury may select first, second and third prize winners from the competition entries, but only if entrants have followed required submission guidelines and design criteria. If design entries do not meet appropriate standards, the jury reserves the right not to award prizes. The jury’s decision is final. Winners will be announced at a reception at the Design Exchange in May 2010.


First prize is $3,000; second prize is $1,000, and 3rd prize is $500. iPod Shuffles will be given to those in 4th through 10th place. Winners will also receive recognition within the design community, and CONNECT Certificates of Accomplishment will be given to all participating students. They will also be featured in the CONNECT Design Exchange National Student Design competition exhibition in May 2010, and on the Design Exchange and Roxul Inc. websites.


Participation is open to students enrolled in a Canadian postsecondary Architecture, Interior Design, Environmental Design or other design-based program.


If you have any questions regarding the submission requirements, please contact Katie Weber, Project Coordinator at Design Exchange, or 416.216.2138. All entries should include:


• a completed entry form

• two design boards: foam core boards (24”x 18”, no more than 3/16” thick); boards should include the student’s name and institution in the back right hand corner

• a project title and concept statement (one sentence) must appear on the presentation board(s); the concept statement should summarize the design concept and its objectives

• a project overview (no more than 500 words); this overview demonstrates how the project meets the design criteria, and provides background to the project as well as information on the development process, functionality and key features; the overview should be included in a separate booklet and a copy attached to the back of the design board(s)

• floor plans, elevations, and details of the basement renovation, affixed to the design board(s)

• a CD – with a print-ready, digital file of the project

• name(s) of designers should not be listed on the front of the design boards


Design entries must be sent postage-paid by 5:00pm on Friday, March 26, 2010. Late entries will not be accepted. Please submit entries to the following address:


Connect Student Design Competition

Design Exchange

234 Bay Street

P.O. Box 18

Toronto-Dominion Centre

Toronto, Ontario

M5K 1B2



The Design Exchange will not be able to verify or acknowledge the receipt of design entries. If this is a concern, it is suggested that your entry be mailed/shipped using a traceable delivery method. Entries will not be returned. Entrants are responsible for shipping costs. The Design Exchange and Roxul Inc. are not responsible for lost or damaged entries.