Concrete Thinking for a Sustainable World: a 2005-06 Student Design Competition

The competition challenges participants to investigate an innovative use of Portland cement-based material to achieve sustainable design objectives. Applicants have flexibility to provide solutions as a single element of a building or a comprehensive building design.

Solutions must adhere to the following format: up to two 20″ x 30″ submission boards and a design essay.

Winning students, their faculty sponsors, and schools will receive cash prizes and software totaling nearly $40,000, including a complete package of pcaStructurePoint software, a retail value of $9,745, for each winning school. The design jury will convene in May 2006 to select winning projects and honourable mentions.

The registration deadline is February 8, 2006, and the submission deadline is May 3, 2006. Results will be announced in May 2006.

Sponsored by the Portland Cement Association, and administered by Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.

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