CMHC announces finalists for Housing Supply Challenge: Building for the Future

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has announced the finalists for the fourth round of its Housing Supply Challenge, which is a call to action for citizens, stakeholders, and experts to come together and propose innovative solutions to overcome barriers to new housing supply in Canada. With a commitment to making housing more accessible and affordable, the challenge allocates $300 million in funding over a span of five years.

Over the course of six rounds, the challenge aims to tackle diverse barriers related to housing supply, including challenges in building timelines, construction productivity, and the improvement of data on land availability. In addition to funding support, the challenge strives to enhance community engagement, inspire national impact and cultivate collaboration and partnerships.

The Housing Supply Challenge’s Round 4, titled “Building for the Future: Innovative Construction for Housing Affordability,” aims to tackle construction-related barriers to housing supply. The challenge prioritizes solutions that accelerate the creation and preservation of affordable, climate-compatible housing that meets people’s needs. This round of the challenge consists of three stages: concept development and initial application, design and feasibility plan, and final application and implementation.

Below is a list of the shortlisted applicants and their proposals.


Solutions supported in this round are expected to have completed some prototyping and testing and may already be in limited use. The Stage 2 incubation phase allows for further exploration of potential applications, seeking regulatory permissions, and developing business and marketing plans to support wider adoption in the market.

Future rounds are expected to include Scaling Solutions (2023) and Public Perception of New Development (TBD).