Clayton Community Centre achieves Passive House Certification

Designed by hcma, the 7,060-square-metre facility is the largest non-residential project to be certified in North America.

Clayton Community Centre has been awarded International Passive House certification for ultra-low energy use. Located in Surrey, British Columbia, the 76,000 sq ft / 7,060 sqm facility is the largest non-residential project to be certified in North America.

Photographer Ema Peter

The hcma designed centre combines the City of Surrey’s recreation, library, arts and parks services in a seamlessly-integrated facility. By following Passive House criteria, the centre has reduced energy consumption by 98 per cent and reduced carbon emissions by 98 per cent.  

Since 1996, 1774 buildings have been Passive House certified globally, of which, just over 100 mostly residential homes are located in North America, according to the Passive House International database.

Integrating world-leading environmental standards with social inclusivity goals was central to the project objectives. In the absence of a recognized independent standard, hcma developed its own social impact framework based on principles of equity, social inclusion, security and adaptability. Clayton Community Centre is the first building to have been completed using the framework from the beginning of the design process.

Photographer Ema Peter

hcma Principal Melissa Higgs says, “Clayton Community Centre demonstrates what’s possible when we prioritize social outcomes alongside design excellence and ultra-low energy use.” 

She continues: “We are committed to looking outside ourselves for answers to the rapidly-changing needs of people and spaces. And while it definitely took professional expertise and technical rigor to realize the City of Surrey’s bold vision for this project, we saw the value in opening up the design process to end users to discover the path together. The end result — thanks to the input of these diverse voices — is richer than anything we could have imagined.”

Project details
Client: City of Surrey
Architecture and design: hcma
Passive House Certifier: MEAD Energy + Architectural Design LDT
Passive House Consultant: Peel Passive House Consulting