City Move Interdesign 2009 in Gellivare, Sweden

For generations, people all over the world have had to relocate from their homes for a number of social and environmental issues. The effects of these displacements have often hugely impacted the development of these same societies over time. Even today, groups and entire communities are still being relocated due to the alarming effects of climate change, natural disasters, water regulations and political unrest.

In the northern part of Sweden, the mining industry continues to expand and, in certain areas, the ground is crumbling under entire cities. This poses enormous challenges to the survival of such communities and may force their residents to relocate leaving behind their homes, workplaces, public spaces and local attractions. Is it possible to relocate whilst safeguarding and transferring parts of, or entire societies? How can this be done effectively? This is the challenge set for the City Move Interdesign. The project will look at socially responsible design methods to create new spaces for people.

The City Move Interdesign presents a unique working environment for participants as it provides an inspiring and profound opportunity where creative solutions for a serious problem can be developed. Through innovative research and collaborative work, participants can expect to share professional experience in an attempt to present proposals that will be adapted to the physical and cultural needs of the inhabitants. For the participating designer, the City Move project is a multi-disciplinary event to transfer, as well as to expand, professional expertise.

The workshop will take place in Gellivare, Sweden, north of the polar circle and will consist of field trips, workshops, presentations, as well as social activities such as skiing and dogsled rides! During the two-week Interdesign workshop, participants will contribute to a challenging yet fun experience that will provide professionals with the opportunity to explore new concepts, as well as network with new people from all over the world in a creative atmosphere.

Participation to the workshop is limited to approximately 35 people. Applications will be reviewed and only those individuals selected will be invited to participate. Ideal participants should have an interest in building social structures and the development of societies. Primary participants for the workshop will include architects, industrial designers, landscape architects, social scientists, city planners, engineers, environmental specialists, artists and psychologists.

The results and documentation from the workshop will become a part of a knowledge bank showing how the process could be used in Sweden but also how it can be adapted and implemented in similar areas around the world.

Interdesign participants are not compensated for the involvement in the workshop, and individuals must make their own travel arrangements to Sweden. However, once in Sweden, the organizers will arrange and pay for accommodation, local transportation, and meals for the duration of the workshop.

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