Cinemarchitecture: Theoretical Dynamic: Winner

Mark Clichy, Toronto

Sound Space

University of Waterloo Design Studio

Athlon 1.3 GHz, 2 Gb RAM, Oxygen GVX 210 using Alias Wavefront Maya, Mental Ray

Cizek It is impossible to experience the complexity and drama of this poetic journey from the static images on this page. Music and abstract forms become interactive, in varying arrangements of elements ultimately forming space that “feels” like music! Beautifully rendered surfaces that refract and reflect light are stretching the technical limits of the hardware and software available today, as well as testing the author’s patience and curiosity–the rendering reportedly took approximately 360 hours!

Leblanc This work is about the “exploration of space and the feeling/expression of music.” The artist imagined a continuous space closely linked to the musical soundtrack. The result produced an unforgettable impact and created a genuine multimedia art piece.