Cinemarchitecture: Applied Rendering: Mention (June 01, 2002)

Diamond and Schmitt Architects Incorporated, Toronto

Bay and Dundas Condominiums

Client presentation

PC and Mac using AutoCAD, Lightscape, and PhotoShop

Cizek This striking collage combines a beautifully shot busy street in downtown Toronto with a delicately restrained CAD model of new residential towers. Although the collage method is frequently used and often required by clients, to perfectly match the perspective view and lighting of the actual photograph is still quite a challenge. This image has mastered this remarkably well.

Leblanc This one is the opposite of the winner, in that the artist wants to create an ambience that is close to what you would get from good photography. It avoids easy photographic conventions (like pasted-in people) and focuses on the quality and simplicity of the overall look. The result is a very nice collage of digital photography and rendered image.