Cinemarchitecture: Applied Dynamic: Winner

Jaspal Atwal, Winnipeg

Anime Exhibition Centre

University of Manitoba Design Thesis

PC-PIII 733, 256 Mb SDRAM, 32 Mb video using AutoCAD 2000, 3DStudioMAX 3.0, Adobe After Effects Premiere

Cizek Storyboarding is a key element of this entry. It is supported and strengthened by cleverly combined 2D and 3D elements with minimal yet precise modeling and animation. Instead of the all-too-common fly-through technique, a sense of movement through the project is achieved using cinematic camera techniques (zooming, panning) and good editing. In this entry, simple individual elements are skilfully montaged to form a complex story.

Leblanc This is a great example of “collage” animation. There is not a single fly-through sequence in this video; it is all done by video editing of Japanese anime cut with still views of the project. The result creates a fantastic world where the architectural project and its theme are very well expressed.