Cinemarchitecture: Applied Dynamic: Mention

Richard Witt, Toronto

The Powerhouse

Taylor Hazell Architects Ltd.

Project promotion to complete final phase

PIII 500 using AutoCAD 2000i, VIZ 2.0, Flash, Conversion Utilities

Cizek This interactive CD uses a recognizable Web interface to present an architectural project in an imaginative and informative way. Elements of the project are displayed interactively in an easy-to-navigate system. This method could be considered in cases where architectural projects need to be presented to a broad or physically remote audience.

Leblanc This entry presented a project via interactive content on a CD. This entry proves that the CD presentation is still very much alive and it is quite effective here. It is not so much the quality of the individual images or animations that impressed me as the organization and ease of navigating the content. Nice packaging too.