Chicago Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center (RJKCCC) Competition

This international three-stage RFQ is sponsored by the Metropolitan Division (MD) of the Salvation Army. The registration deadline is July 19, 2005, and portfolios are due July 21, 2005. The winner will be announced on October 27, 2005 and the competition advisor is Don Stastny.

The RJKCCC site is approximately 25 acres of land in the Grand Crossing neighborhood in the Mid-South Side community of Chicago. The Mayor of Chicago, recognizing the tremendous potential for transformation in the Mid-South Side, has committed to transferring the identified parcel of land to the MD under the assumption that The Salvation Army will indeed undertake a large-scale project there. The necessary land assembly and transfer procedures have been set in motion. The City is also prepared to assist the MD with all zoning and permitting processes. The site is bordered by 47th Street on the north, approximately 50th Street on the south, Federal Street on the west, and State Street on the east. It is located at a crossroads for multiple modes of transportation, including the Dan Ryan expressway, Metra and CTA trains and buses. Interposed on the site is the Beethoven public elementary school. The students will remain a welcome and viable neighbor to The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army and the surrounding community will be best served by a multifaceted outreach and community center campus.The final decision regarding facilities and programs to be offered must be made with input from the community; however, the MD’s mission-driven objectives and understanding of community needs inform the likely RJKCCC program. The RJKCCC will be composed of three major programmatic centers: Worship and Performing Arts Education, Family Life and Personal Development, and Sports Training and Recreation.

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