Chair Your Idea Competition in Winnipeg open for submissions

Available to all Winnipeggers, Chair Your Idea is a crowdsourced and crowdfunded open competition that seeks to generate 1,000+ urban design ideas and $30,000+ to realize the winning idea. For a $25 registration fee, participants are asked to submit their creative initiative in 140 characters or fewer (Twitter length) and contribute one white chair for public use to mark their submission.

The chairs are placed in public locations throughout the city and cared for by participating local businesses for the duration of the three-week competition period. The accumulating chairs and the creative new ideas associated with them will allow Winnipeggers to take a seat in the newly claimed public spaces, take part in the urban design discussion, and exchange thoughts on how to make our city even better.

The campaign launched on August 27, 2015 with release of “celebrity chairs,” sample ideas and chairs dedicated and by well known Winnipeg personalities and community leaders.

At the end of the competition period, the winning idea(s) are selected by a high-calibre jury and the campaign will culminate in a downtown block party on Saturday September 19, 2015 as part of Winnipeg Design Week. At the event, taking place in a prominent location, the 1,000+ chairs will be gathered for a final spectacular display of Winnipeg innovation, pride and spirit, and the winner(s) of the competition are announced.

Great ideas can come from anyone. You are invited you to “take your seat at the table” and join the conversation about urban design in Winnipeg.

For more information, please visit, Twitter @546arch and Instagram #chairyouridea.