CERSAIE Bath Report

Although Italy’s CERSAIE trade fair in Bologna at the end of September is synonymous with ceramic tile, entire halls at this vast annual event showcase the latest in European bath fixtures. Here are just a few beguiling ablution solutions from CERSAIE ’17:

Fred — AlpiFred, Alpi, Cersaie, bath

Una pioggia di luce – a rain of light”: This shower head is an uncommon blend of sensuality and sustainable ingenuity. As water flows through a concealed micro-turbine, it generates power for an LED ring light source, which glows at the mixer opening. Requiring no electricity, this soft halo of illumination makes that morning shower a bit less bracing. Available in wall- and ceiling-mount versions, Fred can be incorporated into new or existing shower systems.

Bloom — FlaminiaBloom, Flamina, Cersaie, bath

Thin, crisply rectilinear sinks were much in evidence at CERSAIE. Available in 105- and 120-cm lengths, each with a 51.5-cm width and a 3-cm thickness, the Bloom washbasin can be specified with a wall-hung steel support/towel rack that shows off its slim profile, or installed above or within a wall-hung console. Flaminia calls the colour of the model shown here Fango – “mud” in Italian. Matte-finish browns, sage greens and slate blues were popular alternatives to the default setting of sparkling white for bathroom ceramics.

5mm — Treemme Rubinetterie5mm, Treemme, Cersaie, bath5mm, Treemme, Cersaie, bath

Patented technology in Siena-based Treemme Rubinetterie’s 5mm mixer series compresses the mixing dynamics to fit within a 5mm-thick wafer of satin-finish stainless steel. Treemme introduced this collection a few years ago and continues to expand it. Along with a wall-mounted concealed washbasin mixer and a sink-mounted version, the 5mm collection now includes a bathtub mixer, a shower set, and accessories such as a towel holder and shelf. A kitchen-sink mixer is the newest addition to the line.

Inox WX 500 Series Outdoor/Indoor Shower — CristinaInox WX 510, Cristina, Cersaie, bath

This sleekly elemental shower series is made from the stainless steel alloy AISI 316L, which is certified by the Italian stainless steel research institute Inox to provide superior resistance to chemical agents or corrosion. Suitable for outdoor or indoor installation, these tubular showers come in four diameters, ranging from a residential 40 cm to an institutional 100 cm.

Andrea — Cordivari DesignAndrea, Cordivari, Cersaie, bath

Most wall-mounted radiator/towel rails have a ladder-like configuration in which the vertical collectors are connected at both ends to the horizontal heating elements that form the ‘rungs’ between them. However, the new Andrea, Jacky and Yara lines from Cordivari Design are all engineered to have a vertical collector at just one end. This has two advantages: the units look engagingly sculptural, and the open-ended design makes it easier to grab a nice, heated towel.

Hug Life Caring Design — Ponte GiulioHug Life Caring Design, Ponte Giulio, Cersaie, bath

Rome-based industrial designer Daniele Trebbi has partnered with Ponte Giulio, a bath accessories manufacturer with a focus on universal design, to introduce a collection that takes aging-in-place fixtures out of grimly institutional aesthetic terrain. Hug Life Caring Design’s stainless steel grab bars for horizontal or vertical bath installation are available in such non-clinical colours as eggplant and lime green, and the vertically mounted bars come equipped with adjustable-height box containers for toiletries and other supplies. Washbasins, mirrors, wall-mounted cabinets incorporating vertical grab bars, lightweight freestanding chairs and stools, and wall-mounted shower seats round out the Hug series of options.