CCA launches online version of out of the box exhibition

The Canadian Centre for Architecture announces the launch of a new online exhibition site, out of the box: price rossi stirling + matta clark which is accessible through The site is conceived as a tmoignage, or trace of the installation at the CCA which of necessity is an ephemeral construct. The dual purpose of the new site is to document the exhibition and at the same time provide an open-ended framework to support ongoing investigation and discussion. The innovative site architecture is designed to function as a resource for visitors, students, and scholars who wish to explore and delve deeper into the four new archives that have been on display in the galleries at the CCA over the course of this year.

The curatorial project out of the box was a “first look” that revealed something of the contents of major archives on Cedric Price, James Stirling, Aldo Rossi and Gordon Matta-Clark acquired for the CCA collection between 1995 and 2000. The exhibition’s intent was to expose the process of analyzing the archives of architects, and to pose relevant questions regarding collection, conservation, and curatorial issues involved in their acquisition and critical interpretation. In this sense, the exhibition and now the online site express a central goal of the CCA: to emphasize materials collected in depth and breadth, in order to establish the vital interconnections that make possible discourse on architecture and the city. The site provides extended access to the Price, Rossi, Stirling, and Matta-Clark archives through installation photographs, selected projects and works, and wall texts and statements by guest curators.