CAUSA Lecture: Robert Miles Kemp

This event begins at 6:00 pm on Thursday, March 19 in Room #2160 of the the Professional Faculty Building at the University of Calgary.


Robert Miles Kemp is the founder and principal of Variate Labs and Series Design/Build, and is currently developing a number of interface, robotic and spatial projects in Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, Mexico City, London, Frankfurt and Munich. Kemp also works as a Senior User Experience Designer and information architect for Schematic Inc. developing next-generation interfaces for web, touch, gesture and other emerging technology platforms. In addition to his professional work, Kemp also created and moderates a blog about robotics and emerging technologies in architecture,


His work and research is centered on developing and understanding interactive architecture, primarily focusing on user-driven reconfigurable space and robotics. He has been published in numerous international articles and has lectured multiple times on this subject. Kemp’s thesis project on nano-scale reprogrammable space has been widely published and continues to be used as reference for current robotic projects in architecture. Before developing interfaces and robotics, Kemp worked in the architecture industry for over 12 years and played a major design role in over 60 built projects.


Variate Labs was founded by Kemp in 2003 as a means to investigate and design interactive projects in all types of mediums. Variate Labs is a group dedicated to strategizing, designing and building interactive information systems. VL works in all types of digital and physical mediums but are particularly interested in projects that involve a synthesis of the two with emphasis on spatiality. Their work includes collaborations and independent projects in web, broadcast, multi-touch and gesture-based interfaces, graphic design, robotics, manufacturing, prototyping and interactive architecture.


Series Design / Build was founded by Kemp in 2005 as a means to argue against the inflexibility of built architecture around us. Instead, Series proposes that objects and built environments should be designed to offer a variety of potential results from a basic model. Series calls this type of built flexibility “variated architecture”. Variated architecture has the flexibility to be manipulated before and after production in order to accommodate the evolving needs of the user over time. Series is currently developing multiple patent submissions that involve reprogrammable building systems, interactive architecture, and handheld products.


Spatial Robots, created by Kemp in 2007, is a blog dedicated to cataloguing, critiquing and promoting interactive spatial systems and emerging technology in architecture. Their website showcases interfaces, media, websites, robots, nanotechnology, objects, materials and logic with emphasis placed on being interactive and spatial (3-D).