Canadian Architect


Terra Firma

Building a Rammed-Earth Wall, or Pise De Terre, for the Desert Cultural Centre Was Not Without Its Challenges, but the Technology Is Much Simpler Than What One Might Think.

Heart of Glass

A renovation of the architecture school at the University of Manitoba--an intellectual generator of Winnipeg Modernism--gives cause for celebration and boasts greater clarity, thanks to its new glazing system.

Ordering Chaos

The Laborious Process of Steel Construction Employed in the Royal Ontario Museum's Crystalline Addition Relies Heavily on 3d Computer Modelling, Careful Staging on the Site and the Expertise of Steel Fabricators.

Structural Collaborations

Structural engineers Morden Yolles of Toronto and C.Y. Loh of Vancouver have directly participated in the design of important Canadian architecture.

Climate Dodge

Canada and the United States are enjoying buoyant economies that they fear will be threatened by curbs on energy consumption.