Canadian Architect


Editorial: Tax Incentive

Canadian architects may be candidates for the $3.4 billion Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program (SR&ED).

Put on Your Specs

A return to technically competent specifications is required: specifications that are firmly rooted in performance, with product listings that illustrate the design intent, as well as execution requirements.

Steel Skywalker

A structurally daring walkway cantilevers visitors over and above a valley in the Canadian Rockies.

Editorial: Flood Protection through Resilience Planning

Recovering from floods in Calgary, Southern Alberta and New York City has entailed significant effort. The much larger challenge lies ahead: rebuilding in a way that protects against future storms.

The Next Regeneration

"Regenerative Design" has been garnering increasing interest as a means of reframing green design. What does it mean for practice? Can buildings be regenerative in a similar manner as living systems?

Regenerative Design

Over a decade in the making, this research facility on the UBC campus is attracting interest from leading sustainability thinkers around the world.

Room and Board

A Vancouver firm demolishes an existing house, only to creatively reuse some of the construction material to build a new, energy-efficient home.

Creative Mapping

Architects have various approaches to collecting data at their disposal, which can be translated into a variety of exploratory and useful mapping techniques.