Canadian Architect


Collected Wisdom

In the course of his career, Peter Cardew has confronted many architectural challenges along the way--the lessons of which he has shared with his staff and students.

Role Model

An architect who has established a successful Vancouver-based practice recalls his humble beginnings as a young intern working for his first mentor.


A Continuum of Work

2012 RAIC Gold Medallist Peter Cardew discusses the evolution of his career and his dedicated approach to architecture--but most importantly, the simple desire to continue making good buildings.

Craft Work

The work of Peter Cardew can be described in terms of dignity, respect and craft. These traits have yielded a traditional yet modernist architecture built upon a diverse and iterative design process.

An Architect’s Architect

Peter Cardew continues to produce buildings of integrity and innovation, eschewing the commercial impulse so prevalent in the Vancouver context in which he works.

Measured Drawing

A long-serving Associate describes his maturation as an architect from the first day he began working in Peter Cardew's office.

Pivotal Design

A client recounts his experiences developing what remains a key Vancouver cultural institution.

No Ordinary Building

A Vancouver curator speaks of the extraordinary level of refinement and integrity found in the work of Peter Cardew.