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Article (September 01, 2001)

Perhaps more than any other building types the retail shop and the restaurant are the most susceptible to changing fashion. Not only do stores and night spots…

Form Follows Frustration

A professor of architecture's dissatisfaction with traditional racing shells serves as the basis for an award-winning new design.


A New Design Philosophy: An Introduction to Defuturing. Tony Fry, University of New South Wales Press, 1999.Review by Jacob Allderdice"New design philosophies"…

Made to Measure

An addition to a tailor shop embodies the attention to detail and customization of the store's made-to-measure service.

Simons Says

A Quebec department store borrows the sinuous forms of Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum to attract attention--and customers.

Schools of Thought

A municipal school board pursues durability and user satisfaction by embracing architectural quality as a cornerstone of its building program.

Curtain Wall Fundamentals

Properly detailed and specified, curtain walls can provide durable, energy efficient enclosures and a wide range of aesthetic choices.

The Tower at 25

Toronto's CN Tower celebrates 25 years as the world's tallest free-standing structure.