Canadian Architect

Heritage + Adaptive Reuse

True Colours

A Montreal Architect Retains the Lost Art of Drawing in Today's Digital Age, Incorporating Her Fine Manual Skills Into the Design of An Advertising Office in An Historic Urban Building.

An Ethical Plan

Vancouver architect Gregory Henriquez discusses his approach and attitudes towards the importance of the architect's ability to engage and empower a community.

Heart of Glass

A renovation of the architecture school at the University of Manitoba--an intellectual generator of Winnipeg Modernism--gives cause for celebration and boasts greater clarity, thanks to its new glazing system.

Roch Garden

Continuing to gain momentum, the revitalization of the Saint-Roch neighbourhood in Quebec City should be considered a model mix of political will and interest from the public and private sector.

Suburban Shift

One of Six Malls in Close Proximity Catering to a Predominantly Asian Clientele, Aberdeen Centre Continues to Transform the Vancouver Suburb of Richmond Into a Dynamic Cultural and Urban Phenomenon.

Restoring Loss at Vimy

The Restoration of the Canadian National Vimy Memorial in France Enables the Dynamic Exploration of a Monument Overlooking Scarred Battlefields and Shrouded Under Scaffolding.

Repeat Performance

An Ambitious Renovation of Two Identical Auditoria in Two Competing Albertan Cities Incorporates Environmental, Acoustic and Theatrical Applications.

Work of Art

Excavated remnants and layered spaces redefine a new gallery in Toronto's historic Distillery District.