Canadian Architect

Heritage + Adaptive Reuse

Schooling Sustainably

A dynamic addition to this suburban Montreal school provides a contemporary learning environment while incorporating many sustainable initiatives.

Redressing Urbanity

An inventive new expansion of an historic Carnegie Library inspires and gives new life to a southern Ontario community.

Altered State

A postwar split-level bungalow is reformatted into a contemporary vancouver residence befitting its creative client.

Window on the World

A family of five is treated to a new perspective on an urban residential neighbourhood, and in return, the community is rewarded with a hospitable gesture that breaks down social barriers.

True Colours

A Montreal Architect Retains the Lost Art of Drawing in Today's Digital Age, Incorporating Her Fine Manual Skills Into the Design of An Advertising Office in An Historic Urban Building.

An Ethical Plan

Vancouver architect Gregory Henriquez discusses his approach and attitudes towards the importance of the architect's ability to engage and empower a community.

Heart of Glass

A renovation of the architecture school at the University of Manitoba--an intellectual generator of Winnipeg Modernism--gives cause for celebration and boasts greater clarity, thanks to its new glazing system.