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Heritage + Adaptive Reuse

28 Uses for Al Purdy’s A-Frame

Efforts are underway to preserve legendary Canadian poet Al Purdy's crumbling A-frame cottage, in hopes of inspiring generations of poets to come.


An enlightened and impassioned client guides the sensitive conversion of a historically significant heritage building in Vancouver's Chinatown into offices and a gallery to display his impressive collection of contemporary art.

South London Ecstasy

The constant evolution of the popular centuries-old Borough Market in southeast London represents an orderly chaos that is perhaps the true heritage of the site.

Making New Tracks

The adaptive reuse of long-vacated streetcar service barns as a cultural precinct in midtown Toronto is a prime example of what the city is starting to do right.

Cleaning up the Gardens

A solid public-private partnership is getting ready to transform Toronto's venerable Maple Leaf Gardens.