Canadian Architect

Construction + Materials

A Frank and Ernest Affair

Though both men were connected to Oak Park, Illinois, Frank Lloyd Wright and Ernest Hemingway were as different from one another as culture is to nature.

Cultural Evolution

An abandoned Modern landmark is given a new lease on life with help from its original architect.

Steel Treehouse

An Ontario cottage addresses the challenge of building lightly on the land in a playful and inventive way.

Products & Services (August 01, 2001)

Remedial Economics

The former B.C. government's school building policy illustrates the pitfalls of short-term expediency and overly regulated design.

Regarding Mies

Two major exhibitions on Mies van der Rohe reveal some new interpretations of his enigmatic work.

News (July 01, 2001)

Extra Special

A Vancouver designer resurrects and beautifies a maligned regional house type.

Embodied Minds

A major exhibition at the CCA emphasizes John Soane's pivotal role in the transition from neo-classicism to modernism.

Structural Collaborations

Structural engineers Morden Yolles of Toronto and C.Y. Loh of Vancouver have directly participated in the design of important Canadian architecture.