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Double Duplex

"There is more to the project than just a façade: the units are well connected vertically and light enters the spaces in a dynamic way."


"It imagines how you could squeeze three additional dwelling units on a very small, tight site."

Pierre Lassonde Pavilion

"The success of this project is in its sectional diagram, as a snaking form that connects through the principal public spaces and suggests links to the rest of…


"The proportions and connections are impeccable, and the design offers a surprising and unexpected solution to the need to integrate the house into the typology…


"It is a project where you believe that people will use their common space in ways that enhance daily life, but also in ways that build a strong local…


"While we have seen inflatable archways before, the innovation here is in using an inflatable form as an urban repair tool—a band-aid for the city while things…

C House

"It’s interesting to see housing being re-invested by architects in such a sensitive way, with a concern for community and everyday-ness."


"It’s quite provocative and is smart on many levels by thinking through an old material and making it appear new."