Catalyst: Provoking Calgary’s Next Chapter

The theme for makeCalgary 2011 is Catalyst: Provoking Calgary’s Next Chapter, and this year’s event – taking place from Thursday, September 29 to Saturday, October 1, 2011 – will examine places that have experienced real change and its associated catalysts: what were the conditions in the social, environmental, cultural, and economic realms that provoked the shift to a new chapter? Participants will translate these stories to the specific urban opportunities found in Calgary.

The key contexts in which this translation will occur are:

1. Connectivity and Culture in the Downtown Core

2. Density and Affordability in the Inner City

3. Collective Space in the Middle Ring Suburbs

4. Transportation and Commercial Space in the Periphery

Sites currently under consideration for study include: sections of the CP rail line downtown, laneway redevelopment in Sunnyside, green-space adaptation and rejuvenation in Rundle, and commercial form at Crowfoot Centre. Each of these projects is explicitly linked to existing initiatives or key considerations at the City of Calgary, in keeping with the makeCalgary emphasis on real and upcoming urban opportunities.

Transect walks, a panel discussion, and an interdisciplinary design charrette will structure the exploration and lead to an exhibition. makeCalgary 2011 will produce design concepts and proposals for focused action to help provoke Calgary’s next chapter.

This year’s panel discussion includes the following participants:

* Rob Adams, Director of City Design, Melbourne

* Ingrid Fetell of New York

* Andreu Arriola of Arriola + Fiol Arquitectes, Barcelona

* Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary

* Nancy Pollock-Ellwand, Dean of EVDS, University of Calgary

about makeCalgary

Over the last decade, Calgarians have engaged in conversations that have shaped a rich vision for their city. Today, Calgary finds itself in the midst of considering and implementing this vision. makeCalgary gathers the energy of designers, community leaders, decision-makers, and interested Calgarians around the challenge of making the Calgary we imagine.

Hosted by the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary, makeCalgary engages interdisciplinary design as a vehicle of change through making. With Calgary as the laboratory, and design as the method, makeCalgary produces concepts and proposals for focused action. Each year, makeCalgary celebrates and energizes a moment in Calgary’s evolution.

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