Carleton University to Host (Un)Common Precedents Symposium

(Un)COMMON MEDIA: the sensorium (Photo source: Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism)

A new international symposium at Carlton University’s Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism (ASAU), exploring uncommon precedents and methodologies of architecture will be taking place this fall.

The symposium, which is set to take place from September 22 to 24, 2023, is called (Un)Common Precedents and is the second event in the Agora Series.

Carleton University’s architecture school hosted the first Agora symposium in 2021, entitled Architectures of Hiding, which was a public online symposium that featured almost 40 speakers exploring acts of concealment through architecture.

The upcoming symposium will tackle this issues and pose various questions around how architects build a frame of reference, uncommon precedents that inspire architectural design, methodologies that embrace a more holistic understanding of existing buildings and more.

(Un)COMMON INTENTIONS: twisting precedents (Photo source: Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism)

“In order to design new buildings, one must first understand existing buildings. Often, early design years include pedagogical exercises in building surveys and recording. Yet, design influence for architects can also expand beyond buildings. Precedents can be both common and uncommon,” reads ASAU’s website.

“One can seek inspiration in nature, a meal shared with friends, a work of literature, a painting, a musical score, et cetera. What happens when precedents are drawn from outside the discipline and translated into architecture through the design process? How does one translate past experiences into not just spatial form but atmospheres?”

The event is being co-curated by Federica Goffi, co-chair of the PhD Program and professor of architecture, PhD, architetto (Italy) and two other PhD Candidates in architecture, Isabel Potworowski and Kristin Washco.

While the event is free of charge, visitors must register in advance to reserve a spot and to receive a name tag and refreshments.

For more information and to register, visit