Carleton University School of Architecture Visiting Critic Symposium 2007

From October 26-27, 2007, the Carleton University School of Architecture presents Urban Aedifications: The Architectural Liturgy of Re-Imagining the Sacred as the theme for the 2007 Visiting Critic Symposium. Over 3,000 religious sites currently exist in the province of Quebec with 650 of those on the island of Montreal alone. Due to shifts in religious, economic and social landscapes, a significant number of these sites, which once signified presences in our cities and villages, are necessarily undergoing a process of transformation. Through the composing of new stories for our built heritage, architects have a responsibility and role to play in the tradition of reimagining these sacred places. Is there a future for religious heritage? What are the stories that have to be told? This symposium offers participants a forum to engage in multi-faceted discussions of the issues, implications and context that are involved in the process of re-presenting an existing so that we may inhabit the present while also acknowledging our collective heritage.

The 2007 VC Symposium is inspired by the Visiting Critic Studio. This graduate-level studio is being guided by Louis Brillant, who brings his wealth of knowledge and intimate experience of these architectural issues to the academic context. Students have been asked to contemplate the reimagining of one specific project in Montreal. Once serving the non-extant Ste-Marie Jesuit College, the Gesu stands as a reminder of what was once there and the opportunities that exist if we are able to imagine them. Students have explored the historical, urban, social, ethical, and philosophical issues surrounding such a task and their projects will frame the discussions that take place over the two-day event, which also includes student exhibition, lecture presentation and panel discussion. All events will be held in the School of Architecture at Carleton University and are free and open to the public.

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