CanU6 National Summit: Cities at the Edge – Urbanizing Suburbia in the Regional City

Join Canada’s leading urbanists for the CanU6 National Summit to take place in the Greater Toronto Area from September 18-20, 2014. Entitled “Cities at the Edge – Urbanizing Suburbia in the Regional City,” this professional event will gather Canada’s top urbanists – planners, architects, landscape architects, engineers, developers, activists and journalists, most of them from government, academic or consulting practices.

Canada is a suburban nation with over 80% of its cities in car-oriented, suburban form. In spite of a concerted effort by many in our profession – to concentrate new development in existing urbanized areas – most growth is still happening around the edges in suburban and greenfield locations. At the same time, however, there are great examples of suburbs that are being urbanized – evolving from “edge cities” to cities at the edge of urbanization. Extensive growth is happening in metropolitan areas which, through the urbanization process, are rapidly becoming “regional cities.”

The 6th annual CanU National Summit will deal with both these key issues and many more. What are the specific Canadian aspects of “urbanizing suburbia?” What are the trends, the most relevant issues and projects defining this immense and important challenge? What can we as Canadian urbanists do to promote, facilitate and speed up change?

Incorporated in 2009, the Council for Canadian Urbanism (CanU) is a movement and organization of city planners, urban designers, architects landscape architects, engineers, developers and other urbanists across Canada. CanU strives to connect urbanists across Canada and has actively promoted the best practices and  sharing experience in planning, designing and building of great communities.

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The cost of the full conference is $500, or $400 for two days, and $200 for one day. Space is limited for Days 1 and 2. A student discount is available. pPease contact for more details. Registration includes CanU membership for one year.

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