CanNord 2011 conference on Sustainable Solutions for Urban Life

Taking place on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at the Allstream Centre in Toronto, the CanNord 2011 conference on Sustainable Solutions for Urban Life will highlight the challenges in creating sustainable urban solutions. Do not miss out on this unique event to learn from countries and cities at the forefront of eco-friendly urban life. The City of Toronto and Nordic cities share an interest in the environment and are facing the same challenges, sharing many similarities in terms of climate, population growth as well as a similar business culture. CanNord 2011 is a conference and matchmaking event, covering a broad spectrum of solutions for sustainable urban centres, energy systems and clean-tech solutions from both Canada and the Nordic countries. A combination of plenary sessions and workshops will examine how government, municipalities and organizations can incorporate green thinking into their projects and operations, and how to identify, initiate, and strengthen collaboration opportunities.

The event is hosted by the Embassies and Trade Commissions of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers and the City of Toronto. This unique conference introduces and unites the most promising innovators and leaders from the Nordic region and the Toronto region.

The registration fee is $150 and is non-refundable. For more information, please visit