CANBIM announces certification and accreditation for BIM professionals

On September 30, 2014 at its annual general meeting, Canada BIM Council announced that it has officially launched its Standardized Certification and Accreditation for BIM Professionals, and applications are now being accepted.

The aim of the CANBIM Accreditation & Certification Program is to create a national body providing a benchmark for individuals, AECOO companies/organizations, academic institutions and training providers to be certified to nationally standardized and recognized levels of BIM Competency.

Canada BIM Council’s Board of Directors is excited to take this next step in recognizing, establishing and guiding national industry BIM standards and competency levels to ensure a productive, healthy and sustainable BIM ecosystem for Canada’s BIM partners. The CANBIM Accreditation & Certification Program will guide, facilitate and foster a closer relationship between educational institutions, training providers and the building industry to ensure that what is taught is consistently relevant to what is needed, and will allow for the pursuit of constructive dialogue and mutual recognition with similar certification and accreditation bodies in other BIM-healthy countries.

CANBIM’s program will consist of progressive levels of certification, each with their own set of criteria and benchmarks, for both industry professionals and organizations.

“By clearly defining standardized certification and accreditation, we will be able to turn our attention to establishing qualification profiles for BIM positions in companies, and map those same profiles to BIM education outcomes”, states Pietro Ferrari, CANBIM Director and Chair of the CANBIM Research and Education Committee.

Ferrari, who is spearheading this effort with the guidance and input of the CANBIM Board, adds, “The CANBIM Accreditation & Certification Program will establish a benchmark point of reference for higher education to ensure that the skills that are being taught in courses and programs are relevant to, and meet the needs of, the realities of an ever-evolving and healthy industry.”

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