Canadian Urban Institute tackles the issue of good density in its +PLACE MAKERS series

The Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) kicks off a brand-new event series: +PLACE MAKERS with a presentation of global research findings. Dr. Roger Keil of the City Institute at York University, supported by members of the Greater Toronto Suburban Working Group, will report on the latest findings of the collaboration that he leads, informed by 44 researchers at 29 universities in 12 countries. These results will form the basis for a discussion about good density and how it affects our region’s ability to be competitive in a quickly urbanizing world.

Moderated by Christopher Hume of the Toronto Star, the panel discussion takes place at the Canadian Urban Institute in Toronto from 7:30am to 9:30am on February 11, 2014 and will also feature: Jane Wedlock, Knowledge Mobilization Officer, United Way of York Region; Sony Rai, Director, Sustainable Vaughan; Antonio Gomez-Palacio, Arq., MES, MCIP, RPP, Founding Partner, Dialog; and Ian Chodikoff, Director, Fora Strategic Planning Inc.

+PLACE MAKERS is a series of events created by the Canadian Urban Institute, designed to inform and inspire the planning and development of vibrant, healthy Canadian cities. These sessions will take place in cities across Canada and will be a platform for reinforcing the Institute’s mission of building wisdom and inspiring leadership for healthy urban development.

The Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) is Canada’s applied urban policy institute. They build wisdom and inspire leadership for healthy urban development. They provide essential non-partisan research, analysis, education and advice that achieve transformational change in understanding, leading to better decision-making and performance. CUI works with extensive networks in the private, public, academic and civil society to translate ideas into practical solutions. They foster connections to find meaningful ways to discuss and actively address complex urban issues, and help communities of all sizes across Canada, in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America/Caribbean.

The cost to attend is $70 + fees for CUI members, and $80 + fees for non-members.

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