Canadian Urban Institute Launches Toronto resilience series

The Canadian Urban Institute has launched a three-part series designed to involve city builders in the development of Toronto’s new Resilience Strategy. Convened by the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) in partnership with the City of Toronto, the morning will feature a keynote presentation from Toronto’s Chief Resilience Officer, Elliott Cappell. He will join a panel of leaders to exchange ideas with the audience about the City’s physical, social, and economic resilience challenges and opportunities.

Resilience Toronto Series, Canadian Urban Institute

Part 1 (Define the Focus Areas) of the series will be held on September 26th (8-10 am) at the University of Toronto’s Innis Town Hall, located at 2 Sussex Avenue. Early Bird Tickets ($10) are on sale now. Information regarding Part 2 (Assess Opportunities) and Part 3 (Implementation Plan) will  be available on CUI’s website in the coming weeks.

The Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) was established in 1990 as Canada’s applied urban policy institute. The Institute’s mandate is to build wisdom and inspire leadership for healthy urban development. More information about the following instalments of the three part +PlaceMaker series is expected in the coming weeks.