Canadian Students Garner Mention at International Competition for Ephemeral Structures in the City of Athens

An open anonymous international competition for projects from professional architects and ideas from students of architecture for Ephemeral Structures in the City of Athens, Greece under the aegis of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games has been judged.
The competition, which has received the approval of the International Union of Architects (UIA). Of the 127 students who entered the ideas portion, the Canadians Sandrina Dumitrascu, in collaboration with Vincent Hill garnered a mention in the Events Platform category. Students also submitted ideas for the Creative activities spaces, Semi-open exhibition spaces and City leisure activities generators.
The jury attributed 34 prizes and mentions for a total prize amount equalling EUR 240,000. Professional entrants number 343. All submitted projects will be displayed at the Royal Institute of British Architects headquarters in London from April 22 to May 24.