Canadian Photographer Edward Burtynsky wins TED Prize 2004

Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky is one of three to win the inaugural TED Prize 2004. Sharing the honours are Medical technologies pioneer Robert Fischell, and acclaimed Rockstar and Global Activist Bono.

Winners will receive $100, 000 and the opportunity to team with several major companies that have pledged to help the recipients fulfill three wishes. Burtynsky, Bono and Fishell will announce their wishes at the next TED conference, February 23-26, 2005 in Monterey, CA.

This is the first time the TED Community has offered the landmark award. TED, an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, Design, is a conference where 50 speakers offer their greatest ideas, inventions and passions to an audience of critical thinkers.

An inspired TED Prize Nominator submitted Burtynsky’s name for the contest unbeknownst to the photographer after listening to him speak passionately about his work recently exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario and entitled "Manufactured Landscapes." Burtynsky’s photographs are often concerned with issues of sustainability in the face of rapid urbanization, industrial pollution and resource extraction. His work speaks convincingly of the dangers associated with the quest to dominate our planet in the name of progress.

This is the third major prize awarded to Burtynsky this year for his work. The artist was declared the fourth and last winner of the Roloff Beny award in June for his book "Before the Flood", then won the Rencontres d’Arles prestigious Outreach Award, in recognition of work that “has increased dialogue and exchange in the interest of humanity” in August.

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