Canadian Museum for Human Rights

ARCHITECT Antoine Predock Architect and Smith Carter Architects and Engineers Incorporated
LOCATION Winnipeg, Manitoba
CATEGORY Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) provides architects the opportunity to pioneer new delivery processes, opening possibilities for resolving longstanding issues mired in the past. On this project, the design team radically altered its approach to maintaining the design intent through digital prototyping, enhanced contract documents to a hybrid of 2D and 3D for a superior level of trade scope isolation and quantity take-offs. Results include lower construction costs in addition to the integration of design and construction into one process complete with an integral feedback loop. Their innovations in the use of BIM have impacted the success of projects and how they produce architecture.

Jury Comments

BIM is a technology which has been adopted for many years in Europe, and has been gaining in popularity only in recent years in North America. What better way to promote BIM than by using it in a public building? The architects have combined BIM with other tools available to help erect a structure that is not only built efficiently but with a view on effective long-term management of this building. The Canadian Construction Association has been promoting the use of BIM by its members which in the long term will make the Canadian construction industry more competitive. The use of BIM in this new museum will also raise the awareness of BIM in the industry and prove its place as a tool to be used in building sustainability.

This building has many crazy geometries, requiring a new level of construction rigour if the end product is to hold together as a true work of architecture. The BIM modelling appears to have been a very important tool in the realization of the contract documents, which will allow this fabulous museum to be become a reality.

The jury for these awards was comprised of Enzo Gardin, P.Eng, National Research Council Canada representative; Dan Hanganu, FRAIC; and Gregory Henriquez, FRAIC.