Canadian Design at Tokyo Designers Block

Mother, a collaborative effort of six of Canada’s top international product and graphic designers, has launched Cabin at this year’s Tokyo Designers Block. Curated by Plastic Buddha Inc., a founding member of the Mother collective, Cabin highlights Canadian culture through the work of Michael Erdmann of Toronto, Todd Falkowsky of Toronto, Cynthia Hathaway of the Netherlands, Karla Burr of Winnipeg Chris Clarke of Winnipeg and Craig Alun Smith of Winnipeg. The cabin-making ritual is examined in the form of original previously unreleased designs that are left unpolished, raw and rough in keeping with the Canadian cabin itself. Tin cans are lighting accoutrements, braided rugs are updated and ornamental caribou wear ducks as antler decoration. The Cabin exhibit takes place only in Tokyo in 2003 but dates for 2004 include Berlin, Milan, New York, and London and a cross-Canada tour in the spring and summer. Tokyo Designers Block is an annual five-day exhibition showcasing international and Japanese designers throughout shopfronts, window spaces, galleries, and exhibit venues in Tokyo. It includes exhibitions, symposia, workshops, awards and other events and acts as a partner to the UK’s London Designers Block. The event runs October 9 to 13 primarily at the EX-realm Gallery, Tokyo. More information about Mother is at