Canadian Centre for Architecture announces Fall 2010-2011 exhibitions

Among the highlights of the next six months at the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) in Montreal, Journeys: How Travelling Fruit, Ideas and Building Rearrange Our Environment premieres on October 19, 2010 and is on show through March 13, 2011. Journeys is the latest in a series of thematic investigations produced by the CCA which questions and debates issues raised by increased global movement, and analyzes how such movements impact the built environment.


Other exhibitions include 404 Error: The Object is Not Online, on display from November 11, 2010 to February 13, 2011, a show which examines some limit cases of objects and ideas that are too big or too complex to be digitized for the Web, and Architecture in Uniform, Designing and Building for World War II, on show from April 12 to September 5,  2011, focusing on the decade of the Second World War and interrogating the worldwide transformation of architectural practice and culture in the context of a total industrialized war.


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