This Friday: Online forum invites Canadian architects to strategize on climate action

On September 25th, the school strike movement Fridays For Future is calling for a global climate action day that will see demonstrations adjusted according to COVID-19 circumstances.

The date is also the one-year anniversary of the Canadian Architects Declare initiative, and its organizers are convening a free online forum for architects and designers to strategize on climate action.

The event include talks by public philosopher Roman Krznaric, regenerative design pioneer Michael Pawlyn, and Australian Architects Declare spokesperson Caroline Pidcock. It runs from 12:30-2:30 pm PDT (3:30-5:30 EDT). It is free to attend, but donations are accepted to support the platform and to ensure equitable participation.

According to Fridays For Future, the coming months and years will be crucial in ensuring a safe pathway below a 1.5°C increase in global mean temperature, a target stated in the Paris Agreement.

“The pandemic has shown us that politicians have the power to act quickly and consistent with the best available science. But not even amid a pandemic is the climate crisis on hold. No measures have been taken to lower worldwide greenhouse gas emissions in a sustainable and just manner. The billion-dollar-investments that are now made to tackle the pandemic and its aftermath must be in line with the Paris Agreement”, says Eric Damien from Fridays For Future Kenya.

“To actually experience the climate crisis makes you understand the urgency of the situation. Millions are losing their homes and livelihoods, this can no longer exist in a vacuum. We need world leaders to prioritize humanity over greed. The youth are going to come together, over and over again – each time more strategic and united than ever before”, says Disha Ravi from Fridays For Future India.

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