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Canadian Architect Awards
James Murray, the first editor of Canadian Architect.

In 1967, Canadian Architect’s founding editor James Murray was joined by architects Macy DuBois and Eberhard Zeidler to deliberate for two days on the best of Canadian design. The three men pored over a field of 232 submissions, and in choosing a handful of projects deemed to “reflect the most advanced thinking” in the profession, launched the inaugural Canadian Architect Yearbook Awards.

Among that first year’s winners were Moshe Safdie, John B. Parkin and Raymond Moriyama, whose works in no small way still shape what and how we think about architecture in Canada. Also lauded was Clifford & Lawrie’s proposed scheme for the Spadina Expressway at the Eglinton Interchange in Toronto, a project that aspired to accommodate the freeway by “harmoniously” integrating an underground pedestrian passageway below it, and proving to the jury that “we no longer have to fear the car.” (Jane Jacobs et al felt otherwise, though, and the partially constructed Expressway was cancelled in 1971.) The offering in 1973 of an Award of Excellence for Sankey Associates’s urban-design scheme for Montreal’s Quartier Notre-Dame affirmed the still-dominant belief in separating urban areas into discrete sections for living, working, visiting, driving, walking, tourism, government and industry—all bordered off from each other with an artisanally hand-drawn turquoise line.

Canadian Architect Awards
One of the early Canadian Architect Award winners; the 1973 design proposal for the Quartier Notre-Dame in Old Montreal, by Sankey Associates

In the years to come, the annual Awards became a staple for the magazine and the profession, for the first 25 years always with James Murray as jury chair and two high-calibre architects rounding things out. Emerging as a new Canadian identity coalesced in the afterglow of the Centennial, the Awards came into being amidst a Canadian architectural awakening.

The Awards increasingly came to reflect the growing diversity, pluralism and overall standards of the profession and its work. Beginning in the 1970s, the juries gradually evolved from a Toronto-centric all-male group to represent more varied demographics. The name changed from the Yearbook Awards to the Awards of Excellence, signaling a new rigour and higher standard of accomplishment and innovation. Consequently, fewer Awards were bestowed—and in 1980, none whatsoever. In 1997, the evaluations became more nuanced by offering awards in two tiers: Excellence and Merit. Recognition of the next generation was added in 1987 with the establishment of the first Student Awards. In 1991, Ruth Cawker become the first female juror.

Since 1968, the juries celebrated several hundred projects, with the full list of Awards of Excellence winners now published in the following pages. From the winners, a handful of design have been highlighted. These projects aren’t necessarily the objective “best” of the hundreds of entries, but they are works that encapsulate the architectural and social values of their decade. The other hundreds of projects tabled in these columns tell those stories too, and taken together, chart the profession’s remarkable evolution to the present.

What became of them all? Some projects, such as Craig, Zeidler & Strong’s massively ambitious Toronto Harbour City, were never built. Others, like Norman Hotson’s Granville Island redevelopment, have become national landmarks. Many more helped to push architectural thinking in quieter ways. Some winning projects have already been demolished, recognized as missteps or later recognized as tragically lost masterpieces. Others are facing the quieter erasure of being slowly forgotten, surfacing intermittently to graze the fringes of public consciousness through architectural Twitter or—ahem—a wistful magazine retrospective. All of them—whether built or not—express something about the profession, and about us. By virtue of being chosen, they are a record of our collective values.

If the Canadian Architect Awards endure another half century, as we hope and expect, the upcoming decade’s list of winners will serve a similar purpose, emerging from the palimpsest of history as a record of our time. In all likelihood, not all of our choices will retroactively flatter us. And would be shameful if they did: if the profession evolves as it has done over the past 50 years, the continued shifting of our architectural values will be a sign of progress—of risks taken and of mistakes recognized. We can hardly produce a better future if we don’t find fault with the past.


We would like to thank a number of individuals for their help in putting together this lookback feature.  We received a treasure trove of vintage Canadian Architect unbound issues to mine from Justin Laberge and from Cornelia and the late Peter Oberlander. And for the compilation of Award winners, selection of projects-of-the-decade, and capsule summaries of their social and architectural merit, we received substantial assistance from Jeremy Schipper, Sébastien Roy and Jérémie Dussault-Lefebvre, who are masters students at the University of British Columbia School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and producers of the annual design publication Room. Finally, we would like to thank all of the architects — from the first awards to this present edition — who have taken the time, care, resources and attention to make submissions of their work, thereby enriching the conversation and ensuring its success.


Canadian Architect Awards
Scientific Laboratory, Igloolik, Nunavut, by Papineau/Gerin Lajoie/Le Blanc/Edweards. Canadian Architect Award winner 1973

The form of the Research Lab in Igloolik, Nunavut, by PGL Architectes is the result of two distinct forces: the unique logistical challenges of building in the harsh Canadian Arctic, and the fascination with space exploration and technologies of the era in which it was built. The outcome is an otherwordly piece of prefabricated architecture which responds to an incredibly singular natural setting. Consequently, the lab looks more like something you would find on the surface of an exoplanet rather then somewhere in Northern Canada. This project propelled Arctic architecture out of the standard one-room plywood structures that were woefully inadequate for the harsh winters of the region. Though the original research program has ended, the building is still standing and is now occupied by Inuit-led research programs.

Spadina Expressway
Toronto By Clifford & Lawrie
Habitat Puerto Rico/Student Union
San Francisco State College By Moshe Safdie
Penland Residence
South Delta By John R. Kay
Four Seasons Garden Court
Toronto By Jerome Markson
St. Catharines Group Health Centre
By Jerome Markson
Centennial Baptist Church
Markham By Raymond Moriyama
Life Sciences Building, Dalhousie University
Halifax By Dimakopoulos, Lebensold
City Hall
St. John’s, Newfoundland By John B. Parkin
Campbell Home
Saltspring Island By Fred Thornton Hollingsworth
8th Avenue Mall for Downtown Calgary
By Gordon Atkins
Riverside School
Thompson, Man. By No. 10 Architectural Group
Earle Residence
West Vancouver By McCarter, Nairne & Partners
Sheridan College
Oakville, Ontario By Marani, Rounthwaite, & Dick
Chan Residence
West Vancouver By Barry V. Downs
Innis College
University of Toronto By Massey & Flanders
Kodak Complex, Phase 1
Brampton By Shore & Moffat and Partners
College Montis Regii
By Affleck Dimakopolous Lebensold
Two Office Buildings
Toronto By Webb Zerafa Menkès
Multi Family Housing
Calgary By J.W. Long & Associates
Ontario Place
Toronto By Craig, Zeidler & Strong
Self-help Housing
North York By Tampold & Wells
Health Sciences CentresMcMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario By Craig, Zeidler & Strong
Psychology Building, University of Waterloo
By Webb Zerafa Menkès
Elementary School, Southeast Sector
Vancouver By Erickson / Massey
Harbour City
Toronto, Ontario By Craig, Zeidler, & Strong
Housing Project
Ottawa By Irving Grossman
Metro Centre
Toronto By John Andrews & Webb Zerafa Menkes
Library Extension, University of Windsor
Ontario By Bland/Lemoyne/Shine
Court Housing
Toronto By Jerome Markson
Bow Valley Square
Calgary By Webb Zerafa Menkès
Undergraduate Library
University of British Columbia By Rhone & Iredale
Parkway Place
Toronto By Webb Zerafa Menkes
Government Office Complex
Belconnen, Australia By John Andrews
Summerhill Square
Toronto By Fred Ashworth, Webb Zerafa Menkès
Faculty Club, Simon Fraser University
By Downs/Archambault
George Brown College
Toronto By Fairfield DuBois/ Alan R. Moody
Scadding Square
Toronto By Brook-Carruthers-Grierson-Shaw
Interpretive Centre
Kleinberg By Shore & Moffat and Partners
R.S. Miller Residence
Surrey, B.C. By H.T.D. Tanner & John R. Kay
Behavioural Sciences Building, Tufts University
Medford, Massachusetts By John Andrews Architects
Burrard Medical Building
Vancouver By Rhone & Iredale
Hilborn House
Preston, Ontario By Erickson/Massey
Brudenell River Recreational Park
Prince Edward Island By Victor Prus
Phase I, Fanshawe College of Applied Arts & Technology
London, Ontario By Craig Zeidler Strong
Flood Control Dam/Water Reservoir
Guelph By Kilborn Engineering, Chief Architect, H.J. Scheel
Series Housing Units
British Columbia By H.T.D. Tanner & John R. Kay
Water Intake Structure
Ajax, Ontario By Kilborn Engineering, Chief Architect H.J. Scheel
Royal Bank Plaza
Toronto By Webb Zerafa Menkes Housden
Porat Yoseph Yoshiva
Old City, Jerusalem By Moshe Safdie & Associates
Education/Convention Centre
Eagle Lake, Ontario By Dunlop Farrow Aitken
Town Centre
Leaf Rapids, Manitoba By Leslie J. Stechesen
Halifax Waterfront Restoration and Development
By Duffus Romans Kundzins Rounsefell
Grand Prairie Regional College
Alberta By Douglas J. Cardinal
MacDonald Residence addition
Don Mills By Anthony L. Kemp
Gloucester Mews Renovation
Toronto By Gordon S. Adamson
Movement in Midtown Manhattan
By van Ginkel Associates
Library, Royal Roads Canadian Forces Base
Esquimalt By Robert F. Harrison & Associates
Commercial/Residential Building
Gastown, Vancouver By Henriquez & Todd: Allan Parker
Prototype Environmental Enclosure for the High Arctic
By Marani Rounthwaite & Dick
Development Project
Thunder Bay By Irving Grossman/ Graham-Bacon
Reid Residence
South Delta, B.C. By H.T.D. Tanner & John R. Kay
Cumberland Court
Toronto By Webb Zerafa Menkès Housden
Redevelopment Proposal
Old City Hall, Toronto By Noel Hancock & Don Vetere
Townhouses, Vancouver; Tent-Cabin, Vancouver Island; Nicola Valley Recreation Centre, Merritt
By Henry Hawthorn with Robert Mansfield
Britannia Community Service Centre
By Downs/Archambault
Western Wall Plaza
Jerusalem By Moshe Safdie and Associates
School and Housing, Povungnituk; Scientific Laboratory
Igloolik, Northwest Territories. By Papineau/Gerin Lajoie/Le Blanc/Edwards
Hazelton Lanes
Toronto By Webb Zerafa Menkès Housden
Lansdowne Park Development Study
Ottawa By Murray and Murray
Quartier Notre Dame
Old Montreal By Sankey Associates
Toronto Residence
By Arthur Erickson
Laurel Point
Victoria By Stanley Kwok & Romses, Kwan & Associates
MacMillan Bloedel Place
Vancouver By Thompson, Berwick & Pratt
Winter Wondorlando
Orlando By Dimitri Dimakopoulos
Université du Québec à Montréal Downtown Campus
By Dimitri Dimakopoulos and Jodoin, Lamarre, Pratte
Eaton Centre
Toronto By Bregman & Hamann and Zeidler Partnership
Sun Valley
Oshawa By Henry Fliess
Campus infill
University of Toronto By Arco Planning Consultants
Halifax Forum Development Proposal
By John Preston and Joseph Bogdan
Lorne Park Water Purification Plant
Mississauga By Shore Tilbe Henschel Irwin
Anglo York Housing
Erin Mills, Ontario By the Thom Partnership
Expansion Study for Royal Botanical Gardens
Hamilton, Ontario By Prack Partners
Harbord Collegiate
Toronto By Edward Galanyk
Vacation Home
Prince Edward Island By Cornell, Stinson, Montgomery, Sisam
Headworks, Pockwock Water System
Halifax By John Preston and Joseph Bogdan
Harold Winch Park
Burnaby By Bain Burroughs Hanson Raimet
Leisure Centre
Kanata, Ontario By Arthur Erickson Architects
Lewis Bradley Park
Thornlodge Park, Applewood Heights Park, Mississauga By Stark Temporale
Fifty-Eight Suite Condominium
Coquitlam By R.E. Hulbert
False Creek Elementary School
Vancouver By Henriquez & Todd
St. Albert Senior Citizens’ Village
Alberta By Peter Hemingway
Lasalle Metro Station
Montreal By Gillon-Larouche
Robson-Thurlow Mixed Use Development
Vancouver By Webb Zerafa Menkès Housden
Minneapolis Campus Framework Plan
By Roger du Toit Associates
St. Albert Town Centre
Alberta By Bittorf Holland Christianson
Northern District Yard
Toronto By Howard D. Chapman
Bedford Glen Terraced Condominiums
Toronto By Annau Architect
Holly-Dunfield Mixed Housing
Toronto By Klein & Sears
Canadian Architect Awards
Meewasin Valley Project, Saskatchewan, by Raymond Moriyama. Canadian Architect Award Winner 1979.



The Conceptual Master plan of the South Saskatchewan River was developed by Raymond Moriyama to address the tension between human activity and the ecological context of the site. The forward-thinking project addressed what is increasingly one of the most pressing topics for architects and builders: humankind’s relationship with and impact on the larger biosystem. The Valley required planning to ensure the preservation of its unique ecosystems for future generations. The original plan from 1978 still stands today as the guiding document for the contemporary development of the Meewasin Valley.

New Massey Hall / Massey Hall Park
Toronto By Arthur Erickson with Mathers & Haldenby Associates
Office Building for a Sawmill
Vancouver By Rhone & Iredale
Trinity Square Development
Toronto By Zeidler Partnership
Frankland Community Public School
Toronto By Brook Carruthers Shaw
Vancouver Village
By R.E. Hulbert and Partners
Bank of Nova Scotia
Toronto By Sankey Javosky Werleman Guy
Vincent Paul Property
Toronto By Webb Zerafa Menkès Housden
Granville Island Redevelopment Plan
Vancouver By Norman Hotson and Joost Bakker
Whistler Village Urban Design Guidelines
By John Parkin Associates
Mixed Use Centre Study
By Roger du Toit
Design for Pahlavi National Library
Tehran By Norman Hotson
Central Business District
Hanover By Brook, Carruthers, Shaw
Granville Island Public Market
By Norman Hotson
Renovations, Wychwood Public Library
Toronto By Phillip R. Carter
Seniors Citizens’ Activity Centre
West Vancouver By Buttjes, Burgers Sammarco
South March Energy Conserving Community
Ontario By John Hix
Meewasin Valley Project
Saskatchewan By Ray Moriyama
A & W Self-Service Prototype
Vancouver By Norman Hotson
Columbia Funeral Home
Toronto By Rocco Maragna
Sacred Heart Chapel of the Church of Notre Dame
Montreal By Jodoin Lamarre Pratte & Associés
Ravine Gardens
Edmonton By Peter Hemingway
CFB Ship Repair Unit
Halifax By Joseph Bogdan & John Preston
YMCA Recreation Centre
North York By Shore Tilbe Henschel Irwin Peters
Yonge Street Opportunities
Toronto By Paul Reuber
A year that no submissions were deemed worthy of an Award.
Musée National de la Civilisation
Quebec City By Belzile Brassard Gallienne Lavoie / Sungur Incesulu / Moshe Safdie / Desnoyers Mercure
Clement Residence
Vancouver By Downs/Archambault
Robertson Residence & Cooperative d’Habitation de Lasalle
Ottawa By Shoeler & Heaton
The Pagebrook Building
Vancouver By Perkins Macdonald Bellprat / John Perkins-Peter Wardle Partnership
Manufacturing Facility
Renfrew, Ontario By Jim Strasman
South West Marine Estates
Vancouver By Norman Hotson
12th Avenue Condominiums
Vancouver By Bing Thom
Queens Avenue Townhouses
New Westminster By Bing Thom
Seaforth Park
Vancouver By John Perkins with Peter Wardle
Metropolitan Central YMCA
Toronto By A.J. Diamond Associates
Concordia University Central Library
Montreal By Sanky Werleman Guy/ Blouin Blouin Architectes Associés
First Avenue Townhouses
Vancouver By A.A. Robins & E.H. Cavanagh
Town Hall
Ponoka, Alberta By Barry Johns Architect
Bell Canada Customer Service Technical Training Centre
Toronto By Alex K. Lam, District R.E. Architect
College of Nurses of Ontario offices
Toronto By Parkin Partnership
Walkway Over Côte de la Montagne
Quebec City By Gauthier Guite Roy
Ronald McDonald House
Vancouver By Bellprat Associates
Choklit Park Townhouses
Vancouver By Derek Neale & Tomasz Staniszkis
Boys’ and Girls’ House Library
Toronto By Phillip H. Carter
Blue Quill School
Edmonton By Patkau Architects
Brantford Central Library
Ontario By Mark / Musselman / Mcintyre / Comb
Drop-in Centre
Alberta Hospital, Ponoka By Barry Johns Architect
Les Portes de L’université
Montreal By Vecsei & Panzini Architects
New Westminster Waterfront Market
By Norman Hotson Architects
Elizabeth Chestnut Apertments
Toronto By A.J. Diamond and Partners
Japan Restaurant Centre
Toronto By A.J. Diamond and Partners
Pyrch Residence
Victoria By Patkau Architects
Elliot Lake Auditorium for the Arts
Ontario By Baird/Sampson
New Canadian Chancery
Washington, D.C. By Arthur Erickson Architects
Trinity Square Park
Toronto By The Thom Partnership with Moorhead Fleming Corban McCarthy Landscaping
Canada Place
Edmonton By Webb Zerafa Menkés Housden
Quetico Park Visitors Centre
Atikokan, Ontario By John Hix Architect
Alberta Research Council office
Edmonton By Patkau Architects
Toronto Power Station: Museum of Hydro Electric Power
Niagara Falls By The Thom Partnership
1861 Beach Avenue
Vancouver By Richard Henriquez & Partners
Toronto Harbourfront Public Space
By Baird / Sampson with JBM Landscape Architects
Mixed-Use Development
Vancouver By Paul Merrick, Chandler Kennedy
Space Camp Dormitory
Huntsville, Alabama By Marin Liefhebber & Goodrum Knowles
Johnson & Johnson Inc., Canadian Head Office
Montreal By Cayouette & Saia
C.N. Pavilion, Expo 86
Vancouver By Peter Cardew
Kikino Elementary School
Alberta By Koliger Schmidt Architect/Engineer
Edmonton Advanced Technology Centre
By Barry Johns Architect
Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto By Zeidler Roberts Partnership
Lytle Residence
Cobourg, Ontario By Ian MacDonald Architect
Sundial Square
Tsawwassen By Cornerstone Architects
Toronto Hilton Harbour Castle Conference Centre, Additions and Alterations
By Anthony Kemp Architects
Appleton Residence
Victoria By Patkau Architects
Stanley Park Tropical Complex
Vancouver By Busby Bridger


Canadian Architect Awards
Seabird Island School, Aggassiz, by Patkau Architects. Canadian Architect Award Winner 1989

The question of how to build for Indigenous communities is becoming increasingly important for contemporary designers, and John and Patricia Patkau’s Seabird Island School remains exemplary in its considered and thoughtful proposition to this challenge. The typology is a particularly important one for this and other Canadian Indigenous communities; schools provide a space to pass along cultural traditions, languages, and histories that were lost to a generation; as well, they often serve as the communities’ largest gathering spaces. With classrooms that open directly into a shared public space and forms that are evocative of both the culture and the landscape, Seabird Island School still stands today as a graceful example of architecture that empowers communities.

Langdon Hall
Ontario By William Bennett Architect
Rosedale Residential Development
Toronto By William Bennett Architect
New, Old Houses
By Paul Reuber
Moss Park
Toronto By Paul Reuber
Urban Design, Cloverdale
Edmonton By The River Valley Joint Venture
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography
Ottawa By Michael E. Lundholm Architect
Kustin Residence
Los Angeles By Patkau Archiects
Confederation Boulevard
Ottawa By Du Toit, Allsop, Hillier
John Street Pedestrian Bridge
By Montgomery and Sisam Architects with Wyille and Ufnal Consulting
New Ottawa City Hall Design Competition
By Griffiths Rankin Cook, LeMoyne Lapointe Magne, Ala-Kantti Woodman
Art Gallery of Ontario, Phase Three
By Barton Myers and KPMB Architects
Lach Klan School Industrial Arts Shop
B.C. By Peter Cardew
Elora Town Hall
Ontario By Joe Somfay
Municipal Government Centre
Phoenix, Arizona By Barton Myers
Media Park
Cologne By Zeidler Roberts Partnership
Nielsen / White House
Halifax By Brian MacKay-Lyons Architect
York University Student Centre
Toronto By A.J. Diamond, Donald Schmitt
McCord Museum Extension
Montreal By JLP et Associés/LeMoyne Lapointe Magne
Seabird Island School
Agassiz, British Columbia By Patkau Architects
Rogers Elementary School
Victoria By Hughes Baldwin Architects
Les Terraces
West Vancouver By Matsuzaki Wright Architects
Three Residential Projects
Nova Scotia By Keith L. Graham Architect
A Hotel in Japan
By Jenkins & Sturgess Architects
Community Centre
North Toronto By Oleson Worland Architects
Alexander Vacation House
Caledon, Ontario By Steven Fong Architect
Jerusalem City Hall Square
Israel By Diamond, Schmitt with Kokler Kolker Epstein/ Meltzer Igra/ Bugod Figueirido Krendel
Stone Band School
Chilcotin Region By Peter Cardew Architects
Environmental Sciences Building
Trent University, Ontario By Richard
Henriquez with Laszlo Nemeth Massey Harris Building
Toronto By Kearns Mancini Architects
Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery
Waterloo By Patkau Architects
Centre Du Theatre D’Auhourd’hui
Montreal By Saucier + Perrotte
Kitchener City Hall
Ontario By KPMB Architects
Bathurst Clark Resource Library
Vaughan, Ontario By Montgomery and Sisam Architects
Mirror Lake Visitors’ Centre
Camrose By Simpson Roberts Wappel
London, England By Zeidler Roberts Partnership
Cité-Jardin Fonteneau
Montréal By Cardinal Hardy et Associés
Royal Conservatory of Music Master Plan
Toronto By KPMB Architects
AGT Art and Technology Park
Edmonton By Barry Johns Architect
Complex 750 Peel
Montréal By Provencher Roy et Associés
Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, University of British Columbia
Vancouver By Peter Cardew Architects
Site des Moulins, Ile-de-la Visitation
Montréal By Le Groupe Lestage inc. / Gauthier Guité Daoust
Bay Adelaide Park
Toronto By Baird/Sampson Architects
Barnes House
Nanaimo By Patkau Architects
Biomedical Research Centre
Québec By Pierre Thibault Architect
Port Credit Lawn Bowling Clubhouse
By Stephen Teeple Architect
**Centre d’Interpretation Bourg de Pabos
Québec By Atelier Big City
83A Marlborough Avenue
Toronto By MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller
House on the Nova Scotia Coast 9
Pugwash, Nova Scotia By Brian MacKay-Lyons
Scarborough Citadel Non-Profit Housing
Scarborough By Garwood-Jones van Nostrand Hanson
La Coopérative d’Habitation Ville-Marie
Montréal By La Société d’Architecture Fortin et Rousseau
Old Massett Primary School, Haida Gwaii
By Acton Ostry Architects
Alberta Science Centre Star Theatre
Calgary By Chomik Crittenden
Master Plan for Faubourg
Québec, Montréal By SHDM Bureau de projet Faubourg Québec
Strawberry Vale School
Victoria By Patkau Architects
Music City Canada
Toronto By KPMB Architects
National Archives of Canada
Gatineau By Blouin IKOY & Associés
10 Stanley Terrace
Toronto By Martin Kohn and John Shnier Architects
1 MacKenzie Crescent
Toronto By Ian MacDonald Architect
Faculty of Music and Opera House, McGill University
Montréal By René Merkès/Saucier + Perrotte, architectes
Humber Bridges
Toronto and Etobicoke By Montgomery and Sisam Architects with Delcan Corporation, Ferris + Quinn & Environmental Artworks Studio
Robertson House Crisis Care Centre
Toronto By Taylor Hariri Pontarini
House for a Single Person, Tantramar Marshes
By Peter Yeadon
*Université de Montréal Faculté de l’Aménagement
Montréal By Saucier + Perrotte with Menkès Shooner Dagenais
Artist Live/Work Studio Warehouse
Vancouver By Acton Johnson Ostry
House at 4a Wychwood Park
Toronto By Ian MacDonald Architect
La Maison de la Culture de Matane
Matane, Québec By Anne Carrier
Holderbank Office Addition
Mississauga By Dunlop Farrow
Contre for Environmental Science & Engineering, University of Waterloo
By Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners with Stephen Teeple and Joe Somfay Architect
Forestry Centre
Williams Lake, British Columbia By Peter Cardew Architects
Emergency Operation & Communication Centre
Vancouver By Architectura – Waisman Dewar Grout Carter with Ross Drulis Architects
Terminus Mont-Royal
Montréal By LeMoyne Lapointe Magne
Ledbury Park, North York
Ontario By Shim-Sutcliffe with G + G Partnership
Seasonal Residence at Shoal Lake
Manitoba/ Ontario By Herbert Enns
**Odlum Drive Live-Work Studios
Vancouver By Peter Cardew Architects
*Howard House, West Pennant
Nova Scotia By Brian MacKay-Lyons


Canadian Architect Awards
The Luminous Veil, Toronto, by Dereck Revington. Canadian Architect Award Winner 1999.

The Luminous Veil project was not without controversy. When Dereck Revington won the competition to design a suicide prevention barrier for Toronto’s Prince Edward Viaduct — then North America’s second-most popular suicide destination — his proposal faced significant criticism for requirements for its installation and upkeep. After years of protests, consultations, design tweaks and code scripting, the project was completed in 2015, when 35,000 LEDs finally illuminated the 450 metre-long bridge. The final project encompasses the realms of architecture, landscape architecture, public art, urban planning, and public safety — all with considerable success.  

Har-El Synagogue
West Vancouver By Acton Johnson Ostry Architects
House in Malmur
Dufferin County, Ontario By Ian MacDonald Architect
Rotary Park Pool
Etobicoke, Ontario By MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects
Nursing and Biomedical Sciences, University of Texas
Houston By Patkau Architects
The Island and the Bucket
Big Tancook Island, Nova Scotia By Brian MacKay-Lyons
Dead Centre, University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus
Ontario By Montgomery and Sisam
Erindale Student Residence, University of Toronto
By Baird Sampson Neuert with Fliess Gates McGowan Easton Architects
Three Garden House
Montréal By Affleck de la Riva Architects
*Jackson Triggs Winery, Niagaraon-the-lake
By KPMB Architects
Collège Gérald Godin, Sainte-Geneviève
Québec By Saucier + Perrotte with Desnoyers Mercure et associés
Dundas Square
Toronto By Brown and Storey Architects
Jardin de Montréal à Shanghai
China By Saucier + Perrotte architectes
The Luminous Veil
Toronto By Dereck Revington Studio
Blackwood House and Studio
Port Hope, Ontario By Natale and Scott
Oltremare Marine Theme Park
Italy By Busby + Associates Architects with George Lorenzon
Jewish Community Centre on the Upper West Side
New York By A.J. Diamond, Donald Schmitt with Schumman Lichenstein Claman Efron
Prospect Cemetery Mausoleum
Toronto By Baird Sampson Neuert
Tros/Keefe Residence
Calgary By Andrew King Studio
Trinity Village Care Centre
Kitchener By Montgomery Sisam Architects
*First Nations Garden and Pavilion
Montreal By Saucier + Perrotte
*Staehling Residence
Mayne Island, British Columbia By BattersbyHowat
Modern on the Park
Toronto By architectsAlliance
Reconstruction du Théâtre Espace Libre
Montréal By LeMoyne Lapointe Magne
New College Residence, University of Toronto
By Saucier + Perrotte
Lake City Skytrain Station
Burnaby By Architectura with Walter Francl
*Messenger House II
Upper Kingsburg, Nova Scotia By Brian MacKay-Lyons Architect
Phase VII Student Residence, University of Toronto
Missussauga By Baird Sampson Neuert Architect
Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant Site Design
Toronto By architectsAlliance
Pavillon J.-Armand Bombardier, Université de Montréal
By Provencher
Roy/ Desnoyers Mercure/ Menkès Shooner Dagenais architectes
Unity 2
Montréal By Atelier Big City
Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne
Vieux-Terrebonne, Quebec By Atelier
T.A.G. / Jodoin Lamarre et Pratte Cube
Quebec By Smith Vigeant architectes
Vancouver Chinese Evangelical Free Church
Vancouver By Acton Ostry
North Bend Residence
By BattersbyHowat Architects
New Varscona Theatre
Edmonton By Marc Boutin Architecte
Winnipeg Centennial Library
Winnipeg By Patkau Architects/LM Architectural
Hespeler Library
Cambridge By Kongats Architects
Vaughan Civic Center
Vaughan By KPMB Architects
Lac Supérieur Residence
Lac Superieur By Saucier + Perrotte architectes
Charlesbourg Library
Quebec By Croft Pelletier architectes
New College House Student Residence
Philadelphia By Patkau Architects
Bahá’í Temple for South America
Santiago By Hariri Pontarini Architects with Holmes and Amaral Architects
Dockside Lands
Victoria By Busby Perkins + Will Architects
Library Classroom Building, Langara College
Vancouver By Teeple Architects Inc. with Hancock Brückner Eng + Wright Architects
Little House
West Vancouver By Patkau Architects
Centre for Music, Art and Design
Winnipeg By Patkau Architects/ LM Architectural Group
French RIver Provincial Park
Killarney By Baird Sampson Neuert Architects
Thomas L.Wells Public School
Scarborough By Baird Sampson Neuert Architects
The Royal Conservatory of Music Telus Centre For Performance and Learning
Toronto By KPMB Architects
House in Grey Highlands
By Ian Macdonald Architect Inc.
S.W.A.M.P. House
By Velikov + Thün Building Studio
** Cistercian Abbey of Saint-Jeande-Matha
Saint-Jean-de-Matha By Pierre Thibault, Architecte
Salle de Spectacle Desjardins
Dolbeaux-Mistassini By Paul Laurendeau/ Jodoin Lamarre Pratte
Manitoba Hydro Head Office
Winnipeg By KPMB Architects/ Smith Carter Architects & Engineers/ Prairie
Garden Wall House
Vancouver By Peter Cardew Architects


Canadian Architect Awards
Maisson de la Littérature de l’Institut Canadien de Québec, by Chevalier Morales Architectes. Canadian Architect Award Winner 2014.

Balancing heritage preservation with architectural innovation is an important part of contemporary practice. While much of our built history is vanishing, the potential to imbue older structures with new life is dramatically exemplified in Chevalier Morales’ Maisson de la Littérature. The transformation of the original 1848 Gothic Revival church created exhibition spaces, a library, bistro, and a centre for literary creation in the new annex. A sensitive dialogue between patrimonial artifact and contemporary expansion, the project recently received the 2017 Grand Prix d’excellence form the Orde des Architects du Québec.

Peterson/Munck House
Quadra Island By Patkau Architects
Calgary Centre for Global Community
By Marc Boutin Architecte
60 Richmond Street East Housing Co-Op
Toronto By Teeple Architects
Toronto By Nelson Kwong
31 A Parliament Street
Toronto By architectsAlliance
National Mountain Centre
Canmore By Saucier+Perrotte with Marc Boutin
New Longueuil Campus, University of Sherbrooke
By Marosi+Troy, Jodoin Lamarre Pratte with Labbé Architects
Louis Bohème: De Bleury/De Maisonneuve
Montreal By Menkès Shooner Dagenais Letourneux Architectes
Îlot des Palais
Quebec City By Bélanger, Beauchemin, Morency, Architectes / Anne Vallières, Architecte and Gianpiero Moretti
Bridgepoint Health
Toronto By Stantec Architecture with KPMB and Diamond Schmitt Architects
First Leaside Securities Head Office
Uxbridge By RDH Architects
Hadaway House
Whistler By Patkau Architects
Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Church
Port Coquitlam By Patkau Architects
Block 31
Toronto By architectsAlliance/ MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller
Newmarket Operations Centre By RDH Architects
Bibliothèque Raymond-Lévesque
Longueuil By Atelier TAG with Jodoin Lamarre Pratte Architects
Jaypee Group Corporate Office
Noida, India By the Arcop Group
Cottages at Fallingwater
Mill Run, Pennsylvania By Patkau Architects
Capilano FIlm Centre
North Vancouver By Cannon Design
Bloc 10
Winnipeg By 5468796 Architecture
Women and Newborn Hospital
Winnipeg By Smith Carter Architects and Engineers with Parkin
Montreal By Atelier Big City
Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center, Cornell Plantations, Cornell University
Ithaca By Baird Sampson Neuert
West Coast Middle School
Anmore By B+H Bunting Coady Architects
Remai Art Gallery of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon By KPMB Architects with Smith Carter Architects
& Engineers
Fort York National Historic Site Visitor Centre
Toronto By Patkau Architects with Kearns Mancini Architects
SWQFToronto By gh3 and R.V. Anderson Associates
Ryerson Student Learning Centre
Toronto By Zeidler Partnership Architects with Snøhetta
Abbey Gardens, Haliburton County
By Williamson Chong Architects
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, U.B.C.
Vancouver By Saucier + Perotte with Hughes Condon
Marler Two Hull House
Port Mouton By Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple
Centre Culturel de Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
Montreal By Atelier Big City, Fichten Soiferman et Associés, L’oeuf
UBC Geological Field School
Oliver By BattersbyHowat
2015 Pan Am/Parapan American Games Athlete’s Village
Toronto By Architects Alliance and KPMB with Daoust Lestage and Maclennan Jaunkalns Miller
*House in four fields
La Conception By L’Oeuf
1st Street SW Underpass Enhancement
Calgary By Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative with El Dorado
*Children’s First Centre
Inuvik By Kobayashi + Zedda Architects
Amphitéâtre Trois-Rivières sur Saint-Laurent
Trois-Rivières By Paul Laurendeau I François R Beauchesne
Go Roof, Union Station
Toronto By Zeidler Partnership Architects
Spa le Jude
Montreal By Thomas Balaban Architecte
Fort McMurray International Airport
By office of mcfarlane biggar (omb)
Waterdown Library and Civic Centre
By RDH Architects
Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
By Hariri Pontarini with B + H Branksome Hall
Athletics & Wellness Centre
By MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects
Casey House
Toronto By Hariri Pontarini Architects
Fifth Pavilion
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts By Manon Asselin with Jodoin Lamarre Pratte Architects
U.B.C. Aquatic Centre
Vancouver By MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller with Acton Ostry Architects
Borden Park Natural Swimming Experience
By gh3
Arthur Residence
Regina By 5468796 Architecture
House on Fox Lake
Huntsville By Williamson Chong Architects
Saint-Jérome Performance Hall
By Atelier TAG with Jodoin Lamarre Pratte architects
Maison de la Littérature de l’Institut Canadien de Québec
By Chevalier Morales Architectes
Vancouver House
By Bjarke Ingels with DIALOG and James K.M. Cheng
Springdale Library and Neighbourhood Park
By RDH Architects
Eglinton Go Station
Toronto By RDH Architects
Biodome Museum Renewal Project
Munini District Hospital
Rwanda By MASS Design Group
Edmonton By Barry Johns Architecture
North East Transit Garage
Edmonton By gh3 with Morrison Hershfield
Elää and Imago (separate awards)