Canada Council for the Arts recently awards architecture grants

A number of grants were recently awarded by the Canada Council for the Arts to facilitate practitioners, critics and curators of architecture. Distributed in amounts up to $20,000, the grant is intended to be used to produce books, events and exhibitions on contemporary Canadian architecture. The awarded grants are as follows:

Ron Thom Exhibition: $20,000 for the design and production of the travelling exhibition curated by Adele Weder for the Gardiner Museum, Trent University and the West Vancouver Museum. 

Winnipeg Design Festival: $10,000 for the curatorial oversight of the third edition of this Festival, led by Melissa McAlister et Sean Radford. 

 Twenty + Change: $20,000 for the fourth edition of this book and exhibition on emerging architects, under the stewardship of Heather Dubbeldam. 

 Arctic Adaptations: Nunavut at 15: $20,000 for the Canadian segment of the 2014 Venice Biennale in architecture, curated and produced by Lateral Office. 

 Architecture and National Identity: the Centennial Projects Fifty Years On: $20,000 for the travelling exhibition on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederationm curated by Marco Polo and Colin Ripley. 

Exploring Ottawa: an Architectural Guidebook: $10,000 for the photography for this publication by Peter Coffman, Andrew Waldron and Hal Kalman. 

Living Wood Redux: Everything Old is New Again: $16,000 for the exhibition on Williamson Chong’s research in digital fabrication techniques and new wood products at the Corkin Gallery. 

Audio guides of five Canadian cities: $14,000 for the expansion of the audio-guided walks offered in Montreal (by Sophie Mankovski, with collaborators in Winnipeg, Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto and Québec). They will be available as apps, and promoted by local venues. 

Incorporation of traditional building knowledge from the First Nation in contemporary architectural practice: $20,000 for this event by Emergency Architects of Canada, in collaboration with the Ordre des Architectes du Québec. 

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